Although Islam is one of the simplest and beautifullest religions Masha’Allah,  it is one of the most misunderstood religions of all times. Muslims are often disrespected and offended without apologies given. The good news however, is that this is usually due to kuffar(unbeliever) ignorance and with any ignorance of any kind, education is the solution. So, the Muftis here at Mufti News have compiled a list of 10 things you can do, as a kuffar to prevent from offending Muslims and Islam and Allah and Prophet Muhammad(PBUH) (see below). Hopefully, this ultimate guide will help you figure out how to respect Muslims more.

1. Do not eat pork in front of us.


If there is one thing we hate in this world besides the vile Jews (note that we are only referring to the vile ones so it’s not a whole group so we’re not racist), it’s pork, pigs, bacon, whatever. If you really have to eat pork, try to get mock meat. Honestly, it isn’t so hard to do. Also, especially if you consume pork on a regular basis we would truly appreciate it if you try not to sweat and come into contact with us. Muslims are very clean, pure and hygienic people whereas pork is filthy. Whatever you choose to eat is your choice, but just don’t come close to us Muslims, please.

2. If a Muslim is entering your house, make sure to halalify it first.



If there are any nude or dirty obscene paintings, cover them with a piece of opaque cloth and if there are any gods, make sure to chuck hide them away for the time being. We Muslims are very decent and moral human beings who subject ourselves to the highest standards of decency. Crosses and idols might impurify our thoughts so it’s best to not take any chances.

3. If you are cooking for us Muslims, do get a new set of utensils and cookware.


This is because your used utensils and cookware will not have been washed thoroughly with the necessary Muslim prayers to cleanse them. Thus it contains the impurities present in any kafir household. No soap is as effective as our cleansing method accompanied by our du’a. So to save yourself the trouble of having to purchase soil to cleanse your cookware and dishes, just purchase a new and clean set of cookware and utensils. It will truly respect us and we will appreciate it.

4. Make sure not to eat in front of us during the fasting month.



The fasting month is a month whereby we are being tested to refrain from eating when the sun is up. It trains us to empathise with the poor and the hungry. Imagine if you are fasting and someone whips out some kickass Whopper and starts consuming it in front of your eyes. How would you feel?  Tempting us whether intentionally or unintentionally is just rude and disrespectful. Stop it. Got it? Good.

5. Do not hold your girlfriend’s hand or display acts of affection when out in public.


In fact, what are you doing with a girlfriend anyway? That’s haram. The correct way is to date only after marriage for that is the most rightful for society. We do not intend to impose our views on you, Muslim or non-Muslim, but it is best for society to adhere to appropriate standards of decency at all times. How would you like it if your sister/daughter held hands with a man or worse still, if your sister/daughter brought home a stranger to your house and got all cosy in her room? Of course you wouldn’t allow that, would you?

6. Do not ask us about controversial aspects of Islam.


Now this is really important, perhaps it might even be the most important thing. There are a lot of rumors being spread about Islam and Sunni Muslims. Just know that whenever there is any controversy whatsoever, it is always the humans that are wrong, never God or the religion. In fact, every horrendous act committed by a supposed Muslim was not in fact committed by a Muslim. The minute a Muslim does something unIslamic, he ceases to be a Muslim and becomes an atheist instead.  And when he does something good, he reverts back to being a Muslim. Muslim = Good, Good = Muslim. Comprende?

Also know that probably all those things you hear about the prophet like him marrying a 6 year old and having sex with her at 9 years old, or him killing a whole Jewish village is either something you don’t understand due to the cultural or contextual  difference, or that our knowledge of history fails us. If all else fails, just know that Allah created this world, so technically, He decides what is good or bad. The Prophet Muhammad is the best role model of all mankind, above Gandhi and above Martin Luther King Jr. or Abraham Lincoln who actually abolished slavery.

7. If you want to say the prophet’s name, you have to add “Sallalahualaihiwasalam” which translates peacefully into “Peace be upon him”.


The Prophet Muhammad SAW did not go through all that trouble for nothing. It was for you guys, to guide your immoral misguided souls, so have some respect. If for weird reasons you find that pronunciation too difficult (lol), say “sore law law who ah lie he was a lamb” but say it fast. We know it can be quite a mouthful to say for a start but trust us, the more you say it, the easier it becomes.

Alternatively, if you want other non-believers like yourself to understand what you’re saying, add the (PBUH) after his name in writing. This is short for “peace be upon him”. While pronouncing, you can also say “pe-buh” as in “Prophet Muhammad Pe-buh”.

8. If you want to go out in public, make sure your women cover themselves up.


This is simply out of respect and to protect the dignity and modesty of your women. There are many males out there who would cat call your woman if she is baring too much skin, so for her sake, please make sure that she is appropriately covered up.

Besides that, there have been many cases where we Muslims have had no choice but to see unwanted parts of a shameful woman’s body in the modern world. At bus stops, on buses, on trains, you see breast advertisements covered in bra only. We all share the common space and it is quite difficult for us Muslims especially us men to walk around and keep our eyes to ourselves if you kuffars are dressed with barely any clothing on.

9. Make sure our requests are acceded to. 


Know that for us Muslims, it is a matter of obligation and eternal afterlife. If you are an unbeliever, you might not be able to understand what is at stake for us. I mean, after all, we are the ones with the real afterlife eternal punishments. So if we request for a separate pantry, or for the canteen to not serve pork, or for any crosses to be removed, or for our girls to be able to wear the hijab in school, or even for us to be excused for prayer at work, do know that what is at stake for us is a whole lot more than you can ever imagine.

10. If you’re an atheist, can you just, not?  


Being an atheist is very in your face and imposes the non-belief on us believers. It is akin to shoving it down Muslims’ throats. In fact, it is akin to calling each and every one of us Muslims and all the billions of Muslims who have ever existed a liar. Surely, you do not wish to do that, intentionally or unintentionally. Approach your nearest mosque (properly covered) to know more about Islam or pick up a Quran and read it, but make sure you are pure and have done the wudhu (ablution) before you do that, otherwise that’s just disrespectful.

We hope that these 10 suggestions on how you can respect Muslims and not offend us will be helpful for you kafirs who want to promote social and religious harmony in your kafir lands.

Wallahualam. (Wall awe who a lamb)

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