Zika Zika

The recent Zika virus that has started to spread in the South Americas can be very worrying

Surely, it is a sign of the increased immorality we see today. The desensitising of sin and crime. Politicians busy not implementing sharia on their people and women dressing scantily and also, mountaineers stripping at mountaintops.

So, the team here at Mufti New, upon the advise of our esteemed muftis, have come up with 3 top du’as for you to recite in order to prevent yourself from being inflicted with the horrendous Zika virus. It is best recited after meals, 3 times a day as advised by the top Muftis here.

Du’a to protect against Zika and Mosquitoes in general

عزيزي الله، من فضلك حمايتنا من الأمراض مثل زيكا و بعوض ، فإنها يمكن أن تذهب إلى الجحيم

O Allah, please, protect us against zika and aedes, those filthy creatures of filth. They can go to hell.

Du’a to heal babies currently affected by it

الله العزيز يرجى شفاء هؤلاء الأطفال الذين يعانون من هذه الأمراض

O Allah, please heal all those babies you have already decided to suffer from zika now.

Du’a to get Allah to reconsider his original plan

الله العزيز، الرجاء تغيير رأيك بخصوص أولئك الذين سيقع غدا مريضا

O Allah, please reverse your decision on all those you have planned who are going to get zika tomorrow.

Wallahu’alam. May Allah protect us all.

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