A long and loud bellowing “No” was heard everywhere under the Aleppon skies yesterday evening as Syrians were making their Isha’ prayers.

It is believed that the ‘No’ was Allah’s answer to prayer requests, more commonly known as dua’s, for peace in the heavily bombarded city. Residents have been suffering from what can only seem like an endless siege, for months on end.

Imam Fatah Jufri, an imam who heard the no, said “It definitely sounded like a god. And since there’s only one god, it’s definitely almighty Allah SWT. This is typical of Allah SWT. While His decision is unfortunate, we have to bear in mind that He works in mysterious ways. He may say no now but who knows, when He’s in a better mood perhaps we will hear a yes instead. “

“Till then, we should never lose faith in Allah’s plans for us. “

A local resident, Fatimah, commented “We’re now not sure to continue praying for our city to stop being bombarded or perhaps reduce our expectations. I mean, if we’re going to make prayers and they’re going to be futile, we might as well ask for something else, even possibly something less if need be. “

“And then perhaps a good strategy is to keep reducing our expectations until they get answered. That would then indicate finally figuring out what Allah had planned for us all along. Surely, Allah answers our prayers as long as you ask for the right things.”

A top analyst at the Islamic Brotherhood International, Syed Jaafar, from his headquarters in London, UK,  added his thoughts to the rare occurrence :

“It could be that Allah wants humanity to work together to find a solution to this problem we found ourselves in, in the first place. And in doing so, we would learn from it, so it might never happen again. We can’t be expecting for Allah SWT to bail us out of every situation we find ourselves in. We will never learn that way. Verily, Allah SWT is all wise, all knowing.”

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