The Orlando Shooter

As condemnation of the tragic Orlando Shooting came pouring in from all over into social Media, the world vigilantly awaits for Muslim voices to join the chorus.

As the Muftis here have already sent our condolences, so too has the Saudi Ambassador to America Mufti Mank who said, “All killings are unacceptable including the #OrlandoHorror. Our thoughts are with the families of the Victim” on twitter.

Mufti Mank further added in a Direct Message with Mufti News on twitter, “Yes it’s true that Islam does not condone homosexuality but this is Allah’s(SJW) will, We have to obey and not just mindlessly go around exacting vigilante justice. The Muslim world would crumble and fall if everyone started killing one another over accusations. However if the United States were to be governed by sharia, such a tragedy would not have happened as anyone who is accused of homosexuality would have been given a fair trial and if found guilty they may repent and carry on with their lives, no one is shooting up gay bars in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sharia isn’t barbaric as islamophobes make it to be”.

Mufti Mank when asked to comment on accusations levied at Muslims by islamophobes who accuse Muslims of homophobia and the treatment of the Gays in Muslim Majority countries said, “Ridiculous! I myself have a good friend who is a gay, I am not afraid of him. Many Muslims I know in America are not afraid of the gays either, Muslims are peaceful. As for the gays living in Islamic countries well, that’s just how it is over there, it’s the law they have to respect it”. 

And finally we discussed the shooter’s religious affiliation, Mufti Mank had this to say, “All Muslims are peaceful, when a Muslim commits an act of terrorism, they are no longer Muslims, that is to say he lost his faith and became an atheist when he decided to commit this senseless act of violence, as we all know terrorism has no religion therefore atheists are terrorists . It has nothing to do with Islam, maybe it is the US gun laws, the toilet restriction for trans gendered people, the Americans and their Homophobia, everything else but Islam as Islam is perfect, needless to say the Orlando Shooter will not be entering Jannah as godless heathens burn in Jahanam for eternity, for Allah(SJW) is wise and just, Alhamduillah“.

With another Islamic figure condemning the actions of the Orlando Shooter, can you stop harassing the Muslims you know about the lack of outrage from Muslims, we are very outraged that everyone is trying to pin this atrocity on Islam. #NothingToDoWithIslam



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