The Mufti Council has unanimously reached the conclusion that Malay Muslims who still continue to believe in local superstition are acting in a non Islamic manner.

Evidence for this, they cite, is that there is no evidence for such entities such as Pontianaks, Toyol, Penanggalan and the big breasted Hantu Tetek however Djinns are real as their creation is mentioned in the quran and evidence of one was recently captured in Manhattan.


Deranged Witch Doctor/Bomoh claiming to his vase will suck up the haze

Renown Arabian Mufti, Haid D’Salaami has also called for a Fatwa on traditional Malay witchdoctors, also known as bomohs calling their bastardization of Islam and traditional Malay paganism to be an act of blasphemy and sorcery and under Saudi Arabian law, magic is punishable by death.

Religious Council of Islam Singapore (MUIS) has agreed to the terms and conditions laid out by the Muftis and are now advising that all Malay Muslims cease their belief in Malay folklore and just believe in Arabic ones like Djinns and that bomohs apprehend themselves to the local Saudi Consulate to be flown over to Saudi Arabia for a trial after which they will be summarily executed.

Muslims around the country had a mixed reception to the news.

Johari Limau, a security guard shares his concerns with us.
“Wah, now believe in hantu is haram? Liddat how to scare my friends with my stories of my late night shifts, sia?”

Adi Daskasut adds
“We understand this is for the better lah, must be as muslim as possible but I don’t know anything about Arab superstition, how!?”

Syed bin Said Al Said, an Arab expat, said
“Alhamdulillah, now I don’t have to hear those silly stories that my friend heard from a friend of a friend of a friend of a friend of a cousin of an uncle of a grandfather.”

We spoke to Mel Ayub Oleh, a MUIS representative, who had this to say.
“We understand that this must come as a culture shock to many of the locals in South East Asia, having grown up with many local folklore and ghost stories but truth of the matter is, what the Wahabis have said is true, none of these stories are real and we must accept the move to become more Muslim and discard our old pagan beliefs for the sake of AQ points.”


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