Mufti Zakar Naik

About the Author Mufti Zakar Naik

Mufti Zakar Naik's story is a really interesting one. He was born a Muslim, as everyone is, but unfortunately raised by atheist kuffar parents in an atheist household, as Zach Jack Epicurus Black. At the young age of nine, after receiving his first wet dream signalling legit baligh, he started delving into philosophy and science, two very atheist subjects in the hope of furthering his disbelief in God. At college, he majored in non-religious studies, studying everything atheistic from Darwin to Dawkins. He was even made the High Priest of the Alpha-Phi LOL (Lucifer Our Lord) Council which saw memberships soar through the roof during his term. Sex and orgasms aplenty, with wine and pork knuckles every night, coupled with the fortnightly devil worship, Zakar thought he had it all but boy was he wrong. Somehow, he yearned for something more in this world. He constantly found himself empty deep down inside, like something was missing. Was it that girl that night who didn't turn up at the last fuckfest? He pondered. Not quite. It's something else. He found himself thinking long and hard about morality and justice. He figured, if atheism was really true, then it was only a half truth. Atheism, in essence proclaims "There is no God". Questions like If Islam was wrong, why are there so many people believing in it? and If there was no god, then who is Allah? Then Allah's hidayah hit, and it dawned on him that atheism was only half the truth. "There is no god BUT Allah!" It all made sense! Marshal law. At that very moment his heart was opened by Allah and he stumbled in humility, shouting out at the sky "Oh Allah! Please forgive me for I have sinned! Oh, all the things I have done, all the weird sex things, all the drinks. My life has been frivolous, destined for hellfire but you have bestowed your mercy on me and chosen me as your chosen people!" From that day on, he grew a massively epic beard, lived according to the sunnah and committed his life to da'wah in preparation for heaven, the ultimate prize. He also managed to convert his Alpha-Phi Lucifer Our Lord Council members one by one eventually with Allah's grace. At first they laughed at him and threw stones at him, thinking that he was joking but through sheer persistence(gifted by Allah), he managed to share his peas with each of them. One by one, they left Lucifer for the truth. Today, Mufti Zakar Naik spends most of his time preaching the word of peas.