Mufti Shaikh Abu Du'aba

About the Author Mufti Shaikh Abu Du'aba

Mufti Shaikh Abu Du'aba joined Mufti News since early 2016, after his visa problems were finally resolved. He is the founder of the "Institute for Rationalizing Islam," which seeks to preserve the reputation of Islam through dialogue. He is an accomplished author, having written several books including "Exploring the Cage: Philosophy and Reason in Islam" (1997); "Allah Will Judge Them: Why Muslims Should Embrace Tolerance" (2005); "Islam Means Peace, Islamophobes!" (2008); and most recently "So You Think You're Smarter Than Allah? Free Speech in Islam" (2015). Born in Yemen, Mufti Abu Du'aba and his family emigrated to the United States when he was 16, at which time he spent 3 years listening to American music and watching American movies before he decided that they were temptations from Shaitaan, and that the only way he could be safe is to dedicate his life to Islam. He began his undergraduate studies with the intention to become a physician, but Allah (swt) sent him a sign in the form of failing grades in biology and organic chemistry to put him on the path to study the deen. Eventually, Mufti Abu Du'aba completed his PhD in religious studies from Yale University, which resulted in the resignation of two university trustees, and the eventual dismissal of his dissertation advisor. Mufti Abu Du'aba spent the next two decades surrounding himself with people and ideas that confirmed his worldview, and distancing himself from anyone or anything that challenged it. He has not spoken to a non-Muslim for purposes other than business or da'wah since May 17, 2003. In addition to his writing and lecturing, Mufti Abu Du'aba is active in several Muslim-American social justice causes. He helped young Muslimah Tahira Al-Shabanana win her discrimination lawsuit against the "HOOTers" restaurant chain, for denying her application for employment on grounds that she insisted on wearing her hijab at work. He also spearheaded a public advocacy campaign to convince six major North American airlines to offer dedicated prayer spaces on board all flights over two hours. When he is not working, Mufti Abu Du'aba enjoys gardening, traveling, and questioning the scientific community's consensus around evolution. He also enjoys spending time with his 12 sons: Rehan, Adnan, Nouman Ali Khan, Faizaan, Musalman, Uthman, Qurban, Homeran, Hole-inwan, Nofan, Obi-wan, and Steve.