A beer company in the state of Selangor, Malaysia recently issued a surprising public statement. This follows a recent incident where Malaysia’s right-wing “Red Shirts” movement, Jamal Yunos bought a few crates of beer to smash outside the state government building as a sign of protest against the state’s decision to allow a beer fest to happen in the state.

CEO Tom Tam, of beer brand Beerneken, The Beerest Beer Ever, at the press conference said “We firmly believe that a strong message can be sent only if Jamal and his gang buy all our beer and smash it outside the government building.”

“In a way we’re thankful of what he has done for the community, but we feel that he should send a strong message across by buying all our stocks. His men only bought a total of 6 crates, which forms but a minute portion of our total shipment.”

He adds “Anything less, and the youth might take it that some level of tolerance is to be accepted. He might unknowingly be sending the wrong message to viewers all over the world. Thus we strongly encourage a full purchase of all our beer stocks. People might take him more seriously that way.”

True enough, Tom Tam’s sentiments was echoed by the passers-by. Passerby Mamat Ali, had this to say about the spectacle “They wayang only, if they are legit, they will buy all the beer to bulldoze or something. A few years ago, I think they did that, but it left them with very little in their coffers thereafter…”

Another passerby commented on the choice of weapon that was used. “A sledgehammer? Really? The whole spectacle was over in what, all of 5 minutes. Perhaps a smaller hammer, or Jamal personally punching each bottle one by one would have managed to gather a bigger crowd and possibly more attention to the problem by prolonging the show, I mean, protest.”

Fatimah, a 40 year old aunty passing by was overheard saying to her friend  “I thought there was a drunken brawl in broad daylight happening right outside the government building actually, but as it turns out, it was some artsy millennial who thinks he can make a statement by showcasing some kind of art piece. “

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