Zuki and her Anti Shi’te Posse with Ban Niqab Signs

Defiant, Brave and Inspiring, some of the words to best describe young Ex Shia, Sunni Muslim girl, Zuki Ni who led a protest against Shi’te Islam and called for a stop on the mandatory Niqabing of Shia women, many social justice activist came to her rallying call, armed with ban niqab signs and demanding the end of the degradation of women in the Shia sect of Islam.

“Unlike Sunni Islam, which merely requests for women to cover our awra, with a Hijab, Shias take it a step further and make their women cover up by wearing big black body bags with just slits for their eyes, growing up as a Shia Muslim and seeing Social Justice Warriors defending the Niqab made me lose my faith in Humanity, as an Ex-Shia, I was forced by parents to wear the Niqab, this wasn’t my choice, it was indoctrination! It isn’t just a piece of clothing, it is a symbol of an oppressive religious regime in Iran, please friends stop defending the Niqab as a choice, that’s like telling a freed slave that slavery is a choice. The Hijab however, is my choice! Despite the peer pressure from the Sunni community.” – Zuki Ni told Mufti News in an exclusive interview.

However angry neckbearded regressive pro shi’te supporters on reddit were not happy with her movement and slandered her as an Anti-Semite doctoring pictures of her selfies and making up fake twitter comments of her in support of Hitler.


Neckbearded Pro Shi’te Regressives claim this is undeniable evidence of Zuki Ni at Auschwitz. Come on… Twitter did not exist back then.

“There is an on going campaign by the regressive media that I am an Anti-Semite, these claims are libelous and slanderous, they are merely an attempt to discredit my reputation as a Humanitarian Hero. You can see from my selfies that I do indeed love and support Yahoodies, they’re a great substitute for when I don’t time to put on my Hijab.” Zuki Ni told Mufti News when we asked her to comment about these claims.


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