After hastily convening and putting the matter to a vote, our Mufti News’ Council of Muftis has decided by a margin of 8-5 to unequivocally condemn the attacks on the people of Brussels. In addition, by a margin of 7-6, Mufti News has voted to label these attacks “cowardly,” which is a higher level of condemnation than which was issued regarding the Charlie Hebdo attacks, which we had labeled “regrettable.”

In his dissenting opinion, Mufti Muflihun issued a scathing critique of the condemnation, citing the West’s indifference to last weeks attacks in Istanbul, as well as Muslims’ “having better things to do besides running around and condemning everything.” Mufti Muflihun’s dissenting opinion not withstanding, Mufti News is confident that the resulting formal condemnation of these attacks (as cowardly) is the correct choice given the circumstances.

In addition, we also would like to issue a belated condemnation on the Peshawar attacks from earlier this month, as we did not have the quorum required in our bylaws to issue it on time, since Mufti Salamah was caring for his mother who had taken ill. She is better now, Alhamdullillah.

Mufti News strongly feels that whenever innocent lives are lost- whether in Brussels or in Paris; or in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan; whether through politically motivated acts of terrorism, or through industrialized warfare by stronger nations on weaker ones; whether through decades of economic exploitation and imperialist meddling and the lingering inequalities of colonialism, or tacit political (and overt financial) support of murderous secular dictatorships by democratic governments that preach about freedom and democracy for all- the loss of innocent life is ALWAYS a tragic event that should be condemned strongly by concerned people of all faiths.

As for the motivations behind these most recent attacks, we do not yet know all the facts, and undoubtedly more information will become clear in the coming days and months. Nobody could understand what logic could be behind such a senseless act of violence.

No doubt, many will rush to politicize this tragedy in an attempt to blame the religion of 1.7 billion people (well, now, 1.699999997 billion people, as it does appear that at least three of the suicide attackers were nominally Muslim). Such people are quick to judge, without any sense of self-reflection or introspection as to the complex nature of the situation. Such people speak, but they do not think.

How sad it is when people seem so blind to how their own words actions are unwittingly contributing to the problem. How unfortunate when people simply refuse to reflect, as if it were blasphemous to do things differently. How tragic it is that people are so resistant to examining their own values and the role they may play, as if they were passed down to them by the Almighty Himself.

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