Ms. Mila Nirahman Ibrahim informed us at Mufti News that she faced Islamophobic discrimination when she attended a job interview at Shooters™ Singapore. She was told by the HR department that if she insisted on wearing the Hijab during work hours that they couldn’t hire her as Shooters™ Singapore has a strict dress code that employees must abide to. Ms. Mila was aware that such a prestigious food and beverage outlet would have a strict grooming practice informed us that she went to the interview wearing her Sunday best; shirt, black trousers and neutral gray headscarf.

“I’m sorry we cannot employ you if you wear that thing on your head, we have a strict dress code, so sorry about it” – Ms Mila quoting Shooters™ Singapore

We at Mufti News™ are shocked and appalled by the discriminatory practices of Shooters™ Singapore as we understand that Singapore is a country that prides itself on tolerance and multiculturalism and that the words “Regardless of race language or religion” is enshrined in the Singaporean Pledge but as serious Journalists who do not peddle #FakeNews unlike all the big names who championed the munafiq Adam Saleh when he was rightfully kicked off a plane, we at Mufti News take our work seriously and contacted Shooters™ Singapore to get their side of the story and this is what they had to say about the matter.

“We confirm that we interviewed a part time applicant for the Waitress position. We could not offer her the position as she was not able to meet our grooming and uniform guidelines. In addition, we pride ourselves in our fair employment practices at our Restaurant outlets.” – Shooters™ Singapore

We’ve since been conversing with Shooters™ Singapore, informing them that they are missing out on an untapped market. That just as many men have a fetish for the Hijab and they could gain male Muslim patronage, along with the patronage of others who just enjoy the services of a hijabi, as it would make Shooters™ Singapore a much more Family Friendly environment and they should strive for the Halal certification. We are currently awaiting a reply from Shooters™ Singapore.


Shooters™ Dress Code

In other news, local Muslim bartender Mr. Nauzu Bilah Niragim Aladdin, of Souk™ Singapore, has informed his employer that he can no longer serve alcoholic beverages as it is against his religion as a Muslim but wishes to retain his employment as a bartender.





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