Renaissance Muslim doing research.

Renaissance Muslim doing research.

Leading thinkers and scientists of the usherers of the coming new Muslamic Golden Age, the Islamic Renaissance, have spent countless hours researching the article, Trump Converts To Islam: Confuses Regressives, and have now come to a conclusion. Spokesperson for the think tank, Mesut Özil, told reporters,

“We have let Muslim leaders around the world know that this is a Red Alert situation. The Muslim Ummah is under threat from this article. It is leading millions astray! It’s a code red situation. If we don’t handle this right now, the world as we know it could end!”

Official statement released by Islamic Renaissance.

Official statement released by Islamic Renaissance. Leading philosophers across the globe are now asking this very serious question now known as the Islamic Renaissance Dilemma: “They have written, ‘So please do not believe in this and don’t share this post’. So we shouldn’t believe and share Islamic Renaissance’s post? Does this mean the original Mufti News article is not fake? This is very confusing. No wonder Ghazali said philosophy is unIslamic incoherent bull**it that leads you astray. May Allah show us and Islamic Renaissance the true path, the path to Mufti News.”

Leading philosopher of the Islamic Renaissance, John ibn Sina spoke of his assessment of the article.

“This article is intangible. I cannot touch it, nor can you. And if we are both looking at it now, are we looking at the real one? Are we looking at the same one? Is there a real one? I don’t think so. It has no essence. It is empty, void of any meaning, of any truth. Therefore, I conclude that this article is fake. It’s not real. There is no article. You can’t see it. Also, one more thing.. You can’t see me.”

Photo of Ibn Sina speaking inside a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) ring.

Photo of Ibn Sina speaking inside a WWF (World Wildlife Fund) ring on fake articles and the threat they pose to Islamic wildlife AKA Muslims.

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