Last weekend saw sales of original American flags throughout the world, particularly in Muslim predominant countries soar to record breaking new heights.

This, after an announcement by American President Donald Trump about declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel resulted in scores of Muslims across the globe partaking in a particularly predictable ritual: flag burning, to display their disapproval of U.S.A.’s decision.

“Nope, not predictable at all” insists Protest I.C. Muhd Abu Bakar


As part of the ritual, Muslim mostly brothers barged into random American souvenir shops in their local neighbourhood to purchase enough flags for their estimated number of protestors to burn, record and share on social media.

Logistics I.C. for one of the protests in Malaysia, Mohd Abu Bakar, said ” It’s important to ensure two things. One, that the number we buy is correct. It shouldn’t be too little nor too many. Too little and protestors might feel unaccomplished and too many and it may get too boring.”

“Second, we should ensure that the flags are bought from USA. Many fall into the capitalistic trap of buying U.S. flags from China. Who are we hurting if we buy flags from China? That’s right. China. That’s not our target. We must ensure that the American flags are genuine and come from American sources only. ” Bakar adds.

In a press statement at the White House, Trump’s spokesman, Mr Stephen Burns, said that the announcement to declare Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was a measured decision to increase global exports of American flags all along. And that it was nice that their Muslim brothers played their part in ensuring the plan came to fruition.

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