Where do I even begin. The headlines says it all doesn’t it.

It was reported* that in Thailand, there is an annual event where 1 million Buddhist children would congregate and pray to the Buddha for world peace.

1 mil buddhist peace

While these kids being misled into Buddhism is one thing, it is another thing altogether that they have yet to come to their senses and realise that their annual prayers x 1 million have been, a tad bit disappointing to say to the least.

In case that hasn’t sunken in, for the more Mathematically inclined, here’s a breakdown of the prayers for peace.

Every year, 1 million prayers are offered asking for world peace from the Buddha.

Let’s say it has been happening for 10 years now.

That’s 10 million prayers that have been intentionally ignored by the Buddha himself.

Prayers aplenty yet we still see conflicts, wars and battles being fought today (mostly Muslims being oppressed) in Yemen, Syria and Palestine. Especially Palestine.

I’m not trying to offend any religion but at this stage, if I were a Buddhist, I’d start questioning myself.

buddhism 1 mil

There are only 3 possibilities.

Possibility #1: Buddha doesn’t exist.

Possibility #2: Buddha exists but doesn’t want peace.

Possibility #3: Buddha exists and wants peace but can’t fix things.

As I would like to think the best of the world’s religions and considering the 3 possibilities offered above, I am more inclined towards Possibility #3.

1 mil buddhism peace
Perhaps he may have been great at achieving inner peace, but that doesn’t necessarily (it really doesn’t) translate to being great at achieving outer peace as well.

These 1 million Buddhist kids could very well have been Muslims who would have been praying to Allah for peace. At least when things are in the hands of Allah, everything is under control as Allah has reasons for everything.

So before I end, I would just like to share this fool proof way to know if your god is real especially if you belong to a religion other than Islam.

1. Is your god real, like really really real, not just the mythical norse or Hindu kind of God but a legitimate god?

2. How do you know he is real? Was it because you were born to your non-believing parents?

3. How powerful does he claim to be? Are his powers testable?How have your prayers been answered so far?

4. Is your god a trinity or fournity or infinity and so on and so forth ?

5. Was your god a man at one point in time in his life? Is he subjected to his own mortal circumstances?

6. Does your religion have a legitimate prophet who was sent down to man to guide humanity and in doing so, sets the greatest example to all mankind?

7. Does your holy book contain scientific miracles that prove that your religion is the truth?

Some wise Muslim man told me once about disbelievers that made a lot of sense some time back and it went something like this:

In order to determine the nature of truth of anything, you have to be out of it to be able to determine for yourself.

Imagine the sort of peace we would be enjoying today if the 1 million Buddhist children prayed instead to Allah every year.

Imagine how happy Allah would be.



1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand


1 Million Children Meditating For World Peace In Thailand


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