Following the increasing trend of closeted apostates worldwide, Muslim communities are finding it harder to distinguish a dead person’s true faith in order to determine where to bury the body.

Complains are increasingly being raised to the Muslim Graveyard authorities about the preservation of the sanctity of the graveyards.

Abdullah, 38 says “We must protect the sanctity of the Muslim cemeteries and not allow non-Muslims or ex-Muslims to be buried there by mistake.”

Just the other day, a neighbour’s friend’s cousin’s wife was overheard as saying “Our late neighbour, Mumtaz was suspected to be an atheist due to his tendencies of raising doubts about Islam on social media. Yes it is sad that he has passed, but it’s also very important to verify if he’s still a Muslim so we do not bury him in the Muslim graveyard if he isn’t. ”

When asked why, the neighbour’s friend’s cousin’s wife replied “Imagine if you’ve lived your whole life as a Muslim, only to die and then be buried among a graveyard of ex-Muslims. How degrading can that be ? ”

Spokesperson Muhammad Muhamad from the Muslim Graveyards Authority had this to say

“We are thinking of implementing some measures to curb or lower the possibilities of such mistakes from happening again.  One possibility is to verify that the dying person is still a Muslim by getting them to recite the shahada before their last breath as a proposed measure.”

“Another measure is to encourage ex-Muslims to come out of the closet so that we may then identify them rightfully and prevent them from being buried in the Muslim graveyards. But this is a ground up approach that requires the formation of safe enough spaces for ex-Muslims to come out and confess their apostasy. This may be admittedly cumbersome so we’re not too inclined to do it.”

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