A rising trend amongst Muslim youth in South East Asia after the wake of the Monkey King is seeing more and more of them dressing up as their favourite anthropomorphic animals. Which is now sparking a debate within the Malaysian Underground Furry Federation (MUFF) and Singapore Allied Furries (SAF) if the Muslim members can adopt a Canine or Porcine Fursona.

Before we go any further, a few points need to be made clear.
A furry refers to either an anthropomorphic animal or a person who enjoys dressing up as one.
A fursona refers to the personality of their favourite animal.

Ann Jing Chee Na, a recent Muslim convert from Singapore, when asked by Mufti News her opinion on the matter said.

Well, it’s sad you know, I love dogs, they are my favourite animal, but ever since I convert for my boyfriend, he don’t let me play with dog anymore, so now I become cat furry lah, meow meow.

Min Ah Bah Bee, a Malaysian, who fursonifies as Ms Piggy adds.

This is getting out of hand, I am losing my Muslim friends because they say pig is haram.

We were contacted by Chris P. Bacon president of World Wide Furries (WWF), who informed us despite of his name his fursona is a Panda, that this debate was silly and pointless. MUFF and SAF inturn told Chris  to check his Panda Privilege and to stay out of this internal affair.

Can Muslims have canine and porcine fursonas?
Feel free to share your opinions below.

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