Young Mufti Holding the Quran and Making the Ancient Chinese Sign for PEACE

Up and coming young Mufti from Singapore, Amos Lim Yee Sa, had his political refugee status approved by China earlier this week, much to the excitement of Muslims in China. This is a landmark occasion in China as the Communist Atheist country is known for suppressing the religious freedoms of people in favour of industrialized productivity as it believes religion to be a distraction for the people, however this sentiment is changing as China voted in their first ever Liberal Socialist Chairman Justin Tudo, who is advocating a far more tolerant view on religious beliefs.

China currently has 23million Muslims, 1.8% of the total population, but this figure is expected to increase exponentially in 2 years with the arrival of the young Mufti Amos Lim Yee Sa, last week.

“I am very touched by the Chinese government approving my asylum request and giving me a chance redeem myself of my past actions, I hope the world especially the country that I have been exiled from can see just how much I have changed from an angry foul mouthed atheist to one of the most devout and pious Chinese Muslims , I look forward to sharing my new found faith with the rest of the population in China and I hope I will be allowed a second coming to Singapore.  Thank you, Xia Xia Ni” – Mufti Amos Lim Yee Sa

“After sixty years of an Atheistic Communist regime where my Chinese ancestors have oppressed the religious freedoms of our ethnic minorities and we sincerely hope that the Tibetans can forgive me for my ancestor’s atrocities against them, atrocities which I had no role in playing, the atrocious act of ending the Lama theocracy in Tibet where religious leaders live in opulent luxury compared to their slave citizens, on behalf my new ethnically diverse cabinet,  every Chinese person on the planet and myself, China officially apologizes for crimes against Tibet, on this momentous day I would also like to welcome our first Muslim refugee, Mufti Amos Lim Yee Sa who has sought political asylum in our beautiful country, we hope he has a wonderful stay and can assimilate with China’s new progressive socialist culture”, China’s new Liberal Socialist Chairman, Justin Tudo said at a parliamentary gala event where he had invited hundreds of Tibetan monks, impressing them with his clean shaven head and clad in their traditional Buddhist garbs. He had also visited Buddhist temples in Tibet, prior to the event to learn more about the Tibetan people and their culture before Chinese imperialism.

Mufti Amos Lim Yee Sa, who had at wounded the religious feelings of Muslims in Singapore last December had been on the run since, in a private interview with a MuftiNews reporter in China, he explains that he had originally bought the the Quran to research its fallacies so that he could make more offensive videos on youtube to mock Muslims for their beliefs but only discovering that Holy Quran was full of scientific facts and discoveries that western Science only caught onto much later, said because of these irrefutable scientific miracles, he has since become repentant and wishes to apologize to all the Muslims in Singapore. He further explained that he got in trouble with the law in Singapore the first time around in March last year because he had mocked Isa and Christians in the Island State, to which he stated that he is sorry for calling Isa a horrible person and accepts that he was also a Prophet of Allah (SAW) but wishes that Christians would revert to Islam instead as it is the correct version of the book.

Mufti Amos Lim Yee Sa, informed us that after having seen how he was wrong about Islam, had attended a lecture by Mufti Zakir Naik in Malaysia a week before applying for political asylum in China, where he had made his reversion to Islam public on Malaysian national TV in a tear jerking moment where the good Dr. Mufti Zakir revealed his fatherly side towards this young lost soul coming to confess and repent before him. In the short time that he had known Mufti Zakir Naik, he was taken under his tutelage where he was fast tracked in his education of Quranic and Islamic knowledge. Mufti Zakir Naik who was impressed as the speed the young boy had at absorbing his Islamic knowledge proposed setting up a Chinese version of his Televangelist Islamist show, PeaceTv expected to start airing in a Month.

At the age of 18, Mufti Amos Lim Yee Sa , is the youngest Mufti on record. Mufti Zakir Naik hopes that his youth factor will be able to help him connect with more Chinese youth and convince them that Islam is not only a religion but the Truth.

Despite his bright future ahead of him, it seems like the Singaporean Authorities are still not willing to forgive him of his criminal offenses.
“Overall we think religion is a good thing, if we were a godless society we would have many other problems, the communists have found that out”, Investigative Security Agent Lee Sian Wong said. “It is good to see the young man repent his ways but BISMILLAH! NO we will not let him go” added Assistant officer Eddie Mat Curry as Chinese nationals took to the twitter sphere to say in a collective voice “#LetHimGo”.

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