In an unprecedented move, the Grand Mufti of the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith, Al Tair Ibn La Ahad has recently issued a surprise ruling regarding claims of science found within the Quran.

This ruling was issued following a great debate among the Muftis in the Grand Council. They all came to the unanimous conclusion that the claim of science found within the Quran is tantamount to bid’ah. Since many practioners of dawah are confused regarding this, Mufti Al Tair gave a clear explanation as to why this is so.

“Some confused followers tend to spread lies about Islam in order to make it seem attractive to the kuffar. They often believe in these lies themselves. One of the most common falsehoods is the idea of science being found within the Quran. Well, let me tell you that they have it backwards. There is no scientific information within the Quran. Instead, there is Quranic information within science. Why is this so? Because science contradicts the Quran and keeps changing, while at the same time everything in the Quran is 100 percent correct and does not change. Clearly, this means the scientologists and their science are wrong and not the Quran. The lies of scientologists like Neil The Grass Taipan and Warren Vidic of Abstergo are clearly seen”

Mufti Al Tair then explained the true purpose and the origin of science.

“The only parts of science which are correct, are the parts within the Quran. Thus, it is clear that science is essentially filled with made-up inaccurate information which is mixed with correct Quranic information. This is a clever conspiracy designed by Zionists and Western imperialists along with the Illuminati Abstergo Industries to undermine Islam. Muslims are led to believe that Islam is true only because it agrees with science. As a result, when they are taught about the fabricated parts of science which do not agree with the Quran, they are often led astray from the straight path of Islam. As Mufti Al Mualim said, ‘They listen to the the voice of reason in their heads, which is another word for Shaytan.’ What follows are the three great contradictions of science, which I shall add to my Islamic Codex: (1) Here they seek to promote peace, but they serve the Zionists. (2) Here they seek to open the minds of men, but require the further closing of it by promoting Satanic “critical thinking”. (3) Here they seek to reveal the danger of blind faith, yet they are practitioners of blind faith in their prophet Darwin.”

Mufti Khalil had this to say.

“If you are a parent, I urge you not to let anyone teach your children science. The only totally accurate method for understanding the world is reading the Quran. If something is not explained within it, explain it with the omnipotence of Allah. Ignore the kuffar when they respond to it saying “god of the gaps”, for it is a black magic spell uttered to make Satanic thoughts enter your mind. Don’t let them make your mind narrow and subject to bias towards so called “reason and logic”. Don’t let them accept the false explanations created by the scientologists through the scientific method instead of through our prophet who lived 1400 years ago. As for the vague verses with many meanings, just let me and the other Muftis explain them.”

This ruling has resulted in mass confusion among many famous dawah practitioners. A large number of them have found it impossible to spread Islam without relying on the claim of science in the Quran. Some have given up altogether. The famous Islamic scholar Dr. Zakir Naik commented on this ruling.

“By Allah! How am I going to be able to spread Islam now? What have you done, Brother Mufti Al Tair? Now, my only options are the narrative of fulfilled Islamic prophecies and the similarities between Islamic scriptures and Hindu scriptures. Unfortunately, only a few people revert to Islam when they hear of such things, when you compare that to the scientific miracles narrative. Surely, this will reduce the number of people who become Muslim. It will be very sad to watch all these potential Muslims burning in hell while we Muslims are in heaven. If you want to stop this from happening, then it is important to help scholars like me to find a new solution. One way you can help, is with an investment. An investment in the name of Allah subhanahu wa ta aalaa. The easiest investment is donating to Peace TV. The solution for humanity. Send your zakat and donation to Al Rayan Bank. Sort Code 30 00 83. Swift Code…”

Hamza Tzortzis also weighed in with his opinion.

“Yes! I always knew it was a failed hypothesis! Truly, I was a fool to claim that embryology in the Quran is a scientific miracle. It is the other way around! Moving on to another point, I want to say one thing to the Islamic people, and I want you to listen to me when I say it. I did not have adulterous sexual relations with that woman…”

Truly, Mufti Al Tair has set all Muslims back on the straight path, but the effect this might have on the number of reverts to Islam remains to be seen.


This has been a guest post by Mufti Mūr al Tadd.

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