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If anyone reading this knows Sam Harris’ contact information, someone let him know that Maajid has forgotten to take his meds.


LMAO (* laughing, masha’Allah, O Allah)!

But seriously my Muslim brothers and sisters, Maajid Nawaz cannot keep from embarassing himself. As many of you are aware (and if you are not, then be glad that you have managed to avoid it), there was a video published on social media showing a young sister who was obviously given a good upbringing by her parents because she was dressed in the style of a good Muslim, but she was doing something very inappropriate. She was doing a dance known as “tworking” with a person who, my sources tell me, was probably not her mahram. 

Fortunately, the ummah is strong and vigilant despite all the challenges we are facing in this Satanic Western environment. Two Muslim brothers took it on themselves to go and visit this sister and remind her of her shame before Allah (a’aza waja’al). In fact masha’Allah, thousands and thousands of Muslim brothers took to social media and commented on how upset they were…

ali dawah

Ali and Musa took time out of their busy lives to help a Muslim sister correct her errors.

… but they were not upset for themselves, mind you. Only for the sister’s OWN sake! And of course, for the sake of Allah (swt) and for the sake of the Messenger of Allah, whose instructions were being so blatantly disregarded by this sister.  Some brothers were so emotional about it that they advised the sister that it would be better if she were dead (metaphorically speaking, as a way of conveying the seriousness of the matter that had no doubt escaped her).

This “tworking” incident is a perfect example of why Islam is the best religion for women’s rights. Every woman is granted several protectors by the command of Allah, in the form of her father, her brothers, her husband, her sons… her uncles and male cousins… But what was so moving about this incident is that in this case, two Muslim brothers who were not even related to the sister took it upon themselves, out of their love for Islam, to advise the sister of the wrong she had committed!

“So what is wrong, Shaikh?” you may be asking. “A Muslim has transgressed the commandments of Allah and His Messenger, and the community has reacted quickly to bring the person back to the fold of Islam. Masha’Allah, when’s Asr?”

Well, that should indeed have been the end of the story. But that is when Maajid Nawaz, perhaps looking for his next project to justify his subsidies from the conservative think tanks, or perhaps simply starved for attention (nobody is certain about this), decided to comment on the matter.

Of course, everyone is aware that Maajid has left Islam a long time ago. But why not simply leave your millions of former Muslim brothers and sisters in peace? This is an internal matter between a Muslim woman and her thousands of Muslim brothers. The woman has apologized and clearly is grateful that the brothers could intervene on her behalf. Why are you getting involved Maajid?

But that’s not all. Maajid takes it a step further- and here is where I think he will find he has made a miscalculation. Maajid then criticizes Western feminists for not speaking up on behalf of this girl. What is he upset about?

Not content with attempting to force Muslim women to take off their hijabs, Maajid Nawaz is now trying to strong-arm non-Muslim women into speaking up for a Muslim woman whom he has decided is “oppressed,” while trying to shame the Muslim brothers who have taken interest in helping to correct her behavior. Unbelievable!

He is upset that Western feminists said “nothing” about this incident. Of course, a person like Maajid can never understand that the reason they said “nothing” is because feminists are fast realizing that Islam is the only system of living that gives women true diginity. I will not be surprised if we see yet another surge in women accepting Islam in the UK as a result of this incident, because as always, Allah (swt) finds a way to turn adversity into an asset for the ummah!

And as for you Mr. Nawaz: you can go ahead and pick on Muslim brothers if you want. We can take it. But shame on you for trying to bully Western feminists into speaking about a matter just because you say so. We know who you are and what you are about. We know that if you had your way, all women would be dancing for you all the time and speaking whatever you told them to speak, whenever you told them to speak it. But even Western secular feminists are too smart to fall for these shameless tactics of yours. And as for the ummah, you should know by now that nobody can tell us what to do…

… except for Allah (in the form of the Qur’an, since Allah does not speak to us directly anymore). And His Messenger (in the form of the Sunnah and Hadith, which were compiled by most pious Muslim brothers). And the learned Muslims who study these things to help ensure that we do not misinterpret Allah’s intentions for us, so that we do not go astray. Those things can tell us what to do. But nobody else. We simply will not listen.

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