These days, Muslim millennials have it tough trying to make da’awah as prescribed by Allah SWT to  kuffar peoples. They face competition from other kuffar religions trying to lead young naive, and not to forget, foolish kuffar individuals astray with their false marketing gimmicks and false truths.

Some Muslim millennials have even resorted to using Kuffar technology like Youtube, Kuffar lingo and even some to the extent of incorporating kuffar culture, like these Muslims millenial kids here in the video dressed in Kuffar fashion.

Little do these naive kuffars know their kuffardom will not last for long as these millennial Muslims have now incepted into their minds the message of peas and love.

This video really popularises the street-approach approach. What our brothers here have done is essentially to make it a thousand times easier for other Muslim millennials to approach kuffar peoples on the street. Evidently from the video view count, it is social proof that more kuffar peoples are open to being approached for da’wah missions. More Muslim millennials should go about their da’wah missions as more kuffar peoples are now proven to be open to being approached for da’wah.

Yes fellas, this isn’t actually a prank. This is a carefully crafted video that is made to look like a prank. But it isn’t.  Look at that 4 minute mark where finally, after going through so many halal fishes in the sea, they arrive at one whose heart Allah SWT has opened up and given hidayah. Masha’Allah.

May Allah SWT bless them all (except those whose hearts haven’t been opened and are still stubbornly non-Muslims)

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