As if the first few weeks of the Donald Trump administration were not trying enough for Muslims in the West, leaked sources are now telling us that Trump is considering a “special tax” on all Muslim-Americans and Muslim visitors to America! Unbelievable!

See for yourself:

Your Fake Tweet

We are being told that the only way to avoid paying the Muslim tax is to convert to Evangelical Christianity, and pledge their allegiance to American values by saying in front of two male American witnesses:

“America is the best country, and Donald Trump is its President.”

Can you believe the nerve of this administration? Is this man mentally ill or what? Who does he think he is? But that’s not all. The Trump administration is considering several social measures that would severely limit the freedom of Muslims in America. Take a look at this tweet from the POTUS from last Wednesday:

Your Fake Tweet

Are you kidding me? How dare he? And what is with the overt discrimination against Muslim men? But it seems to be the sad reality we are facing if the Trump administration gets its way. We are being told, again, that the only way that a Muslim man will be allowed to marry an American woman- if this measure passes Congress- is if he is willing to declare that:

“America is the best country, and Donald Trump is its President.”

Weird! So weird, what the United States is becoming, now that Trump is President. So weird and freaky. But that’s not all. What is perhaps most disturbing about the Trump administration is the way he subtly encourages violence towards Muslims. Take a look at this tweet from early January:

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What is so disturbing about tweets like this is that it emboldens Americans to begin to treat Muslims as second-class citizens. He is not directly calling for any violence against them, but Trump is clearly creating an environment where it is considered acceptable to discriminate against Muslims, and treat them as “less-than” other Americans. And yet his supporters always seem to deny that there is any link between tweets like this one above, and the increasing hostility to Muslims that is happening in America.

“The people they that are doing this violence to Muslims, they have nothing to do with Donald Trump. They are completely taking him out of context. If Donald Trump’s tweets encouraged violence, then all Trump supporters would be attacking Muslims,” said Gary Van Der Nurple of Butte, Montana, before adding, “The vast majority of Trump supporters are peaceful and moderate.”

But what do Trump supporters have to say about a tweet like this, which was published in December of last year:

Your Fake Tweet

OK, not only is this just weird, but it’s also clearly advocating violence towards Muslims. There’s no question about it, right. But check out this ridiculous piece of mental gymnastics from the White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer at his latest press conference:

“I am sick and tired of people who have an agenda against Trump taking that quote out of context every single time. They need to understand that this tweet about Muslims and rocks does not refer to ALL Muslims. It refers only to radical Islam, and only in the context of the war against ISIS. And you cannot blame us if a few Trump supporters- who don’t even understand Trump’s ideas properly and take it out of context- use that verse to justify their violent acts.”

Makes no sense, right? But Spicer wasn’t done:

“When you take the President’s tweets out of context like this is that you marginalize all the moderate Trump supporters, and empower the radical fringe. But that’s not all you do. When you encourage this kind of irrational fear of the Trump administration- “Trumpophobia” if you will- you create a situation where people might seek retribution against innocent Trump supporters.”

Spicer closed the press conference by saying:

“Basically, if you criticize the Trump administration, it means you are a bigot, and you may be encouraging violence against innocent Trump supporters. If you criticize us, you are our enemy.”

The level of dishonesty from the Trump administration is utterly staggering. Muslims everywhere should be upset at reading this, and we need to act now. Please, share this with your fellow Muslim-Americans so we can stop this violation of our civil liberties now!

Update: In response to overwhelming pressure that we and others have put on the Trump administration regarding statements like the above, President Trump released this tweet this morning:

Your Fake Tweet

Good job everyone! Hope to see more peaceful tweets like this coming from Trump in the future!

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