Dr. Zakir Naik speaking at the press conference today.

Medical doctor and scholar of comparative religion, which is not a made up subject at all, Dr. Zakir Naik has gathered a team of historians and linguists belonging to IRF (Islamic Research Foundation) to find out the true meaning of atheism.

After years of research, reading Urban Dictionary and holy books of various religions and memorizing them by heart, Dr. Zakir Naik has now come to a conclusion.

When asked about it by a reporter, he replied,

“Brother asked a very good question. It is written in the Urban Dictionary, page 420, word 69, “Atheism: Lack of a belief in any deity.” And in page thattee three, word 42, it is written, “Theism: Belief in a deity.” If you analyse, you will see that ‘theism’ is a common denominator. The word ‘atheism’ comes from ‘theism’. Therefore, ‘atheism’ means belief in a deity.”

Well known linguist Omnom Chompsky, who was one of the handpicked individuals working on the research, commented,

“I agree with Dr. Zakir Naik. I didn’t really pay any attention to anything he said as I was busy thinking about all the destruction the Western empires have wreaked upon the world and dreaming of their destruction and myself leading brown people as their great white saviour. I agree with everyone who speak against the West, regardless of what they say.”

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