Dr. Jahangir is now in hiding after saying the wrong things in this interview.

We can’t show his face because he doesn’t want to be killed by Islamists or attacked by crazy racists.


A young Ex-Muslim — we will call him Ibrahim — has reached out to Mufti News after being turned down by every other news outlet he contacted.

“The right wing media does not want me to talk about crazy right wingers. The left wing media does not want me to talk at all, as I, as an ex-Muslim, go against their Muslim victimhood narrative. It’s ironic that I have to turn to a Muslim news outlet.”

Ibrahim told us that he was consumed by hate for Muslims after all the things he had seen living in a Muslim country. After moving to America and seeing the apathy of Western leftists for his cause, he started siding with the right wing hate preachers because he assumed that an enemy of an enemy is a friend.

“Look. I had no one to turn to! The leftists called me a native informant. I couldn’t do anything on my own. I just thought I had to choose a side.”

But little did he know that he was just becoming part of another tribe. It was tribalism all over again. And this time, it was a tribe that was using him as a tool for their own agenda, fueling the ‘native informant’ myth propagated by the left.

“I have witnessed terrible things. Terrible things have been done to ones I love, and by the hands of others I loved! All in the name of this diabolical faith! I almost forgot that I was Muslim, too. That not all of these people are evil in a traditional sense but just misguided, brainwashed since birth. I started preaching hate against all Muslims, not just the ideology but the people themselves! I wanted them to be erased from the face of the Earth. Bombed to oblivion. I didn’t want any of them to come to my ‘safe space’, which was the West.

“Thankfully, the emotional state wore off and I was able to think clearly and objectively and I saw the errors of my way. I knew I had to channel this anger at the ideology that breeds the violence, not the people. There are many potentially good people who are trapped by the beliefs like I was.”

We asked him, “So why not join us Muslims in the fight against racists?” *nudge* *nudge* *wink* *wink*

“I am an INDIVIDUAL! Left, right, I am not becoming a part of any tribe. I am not going to be a mere object, a tool used by fools. Fuck Islam and fuck racism and fascism.”

We told him, “Whoa, whoa, mind your language, bro.”

“Language, schmanguage. Stop policing language! Words are there for us to use. Stop paying attention to the words being used or the person using the words, pay attention to what’s really being said, you fucking @#$%^&!”

We responded, “Brother, you need to wudu to calm your anger.”

“Did Martin Luther King Jr. calm down?! You need to be angry about the injustices and all the crap that’s going around to fucking face them!”

*awkward silence*

“Okay, okay, maybe I’m a bit tooo angry. I am going to the Himalayas to master mindfulness. Bye.”

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