Verily, Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Accepting, All-Inclusive Masha’allah. A recent discussion held between Maghrib and Isha’ prayers at the Mufti’s Council has resulted in the agreement of a new ruling:

Exceptionally performing non-believers may be granted places in heaven, subject to certain conditions.

The discussion arose when a thinking brother asked about whether exceptionally good non-believers are allowed entry into Jannah in the afterlife. And if so, what form will they assume, given that many non-believers opt to be cremated upon death. It is generally understood that on the day of Judgment, our bodies will be resurrected.

As agreed upon in the discussion, entry for non-believers is dependent on the fulfilment of several conditions:

Firstly, the bar for entry is understandably raised higher than that for average Muslims. Otherwise there wouldn’t be all that much of an incentive for non-believers to accept Islam. The acceptance of Islam undeniably comes with a fair set of privileges just like any club membership today would offer its members. Thus, a non-believer would essentially need to rise up to the levels of those similarly set by the likes of Princess Diana or Mother Theresa for consideration of entry. Anything less unfortunately just won’t quite cut it. Admission of averagely performing kuffar will just serve to invalidate all the hours Muslim Jannah inhabitants would have spent performing prayers and dedicating to Islam in this life. 


ash form 1

One of the possible eternal ash forms being discussed

Secondly, a slight caveat is that the eternal form of these non-believers will be that of the form that is assumed after death. For many non-believers, the most viable option upon the death of the individual is cremation. Thus, they will inevitably be raised from the dead also as a heap of ashes. 


Brother Tahir, one of the Muftis present at the discussion, says “It’s only fair. Allah has already made clear not to cremate your bodies. Yet, non-believers have adamantly stuck to this practice for years, to the wrath of Allah. This (eternal heap of ash form) will understandably be a slight inconvenience but it’s way better than having their bodies roasted over in Jahannam. Thus it is the responsibility of any non-believer who thinks that they stand a chance of entering Jannah to make sure their loved ones do not cremate them.”

Notably exceptional non-believers such as Bill Clinton and his wife, now in the standing to be given admittance into Jannah welcomed the new ruling. “I’d say it’s not that bad a deal. We get to keep our non-belief. AND we get to go to heaven too. There was always talk about the exclusivity of religions and I think this, Islam has set a new precedent when it comes to inter-faith relations, welcoming people of other religions into their heaven.”

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