GOMBAK, SELANGOR – The International Islamic University here, today, hosted the renowned Islamic scholar, Dr Zakar Naik, in a closed door forum to discuss the need to upgrade the skills of Islamic promoters to a more modern public. According to JAKuN, who is hosting the event, the need is more urgent now that Islam is under attack by pro-western and islamophobic elements which says that Islam is not compatible with modern society.

JAKuN COO, Dr RidOne Tea, in his welcoming address mentions the need to combat the notion that Islam is backwards. According to Dr Tea, the most developed countries such as The Netherlands, Sweden, and Germany, are Islamic.

“Remember, Islam brought science to the west. These countries are just continuing the Islamic traditions. Unfortunately most muslim countries did not get the memo.”, said Dr. Tea, “we are here to change the perception.”

Dr Zakar Naik in his talk provided the forum the template needed to bring the right Islamic perspective to the modern public.

“Don’t say Allah is God”, says Dr Zakar, “it’s too direct. Being abstract is the way to go to appeal to a more educated audience. Don’t call Islam a religion either. It’s an ad-deen. Let your audience find the answers themselves. That way, you will always be correct!”

Dr Zakar further explained, “Educated people are more impressed if you sound intelligent. It appeals to their inflated ego. After all, in this day and age, is it not better to introduce yourself as a sanitation engineer rather than a janitor. Both deals with shit anyway – might as well sound impressive, right?”

The forum, which closed this afternoon, was attended by students and professionals. Attendees interviewed were satisfied that the forum had provided them comfort that their belief in Islam were fully justified.

This has been a guest post by Mufti Ali Gator

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