In light of World Hijab Day, Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia, Al Tair ibn la Ahad from the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith has just made this monuments decision calling an end to the oppression of women in Iran where they are forced to don the Niqab.


‘The Niqab is not very Islamic, it is a rather recent invention and was clearly inspired by Japanese Ninjas, this is clearly cultural appropriation on the part of the Iranian religious government. Furthermore women who choose not to wear the Niqab are arbitrarily punished with severe legislation that goes against human rights of women and should not be tolerated.” – Grand Mufti Al Tair ibn la Ahad

The nation of Saudi Arabia has also updated its legislation to ban the wearing of the Niqab in public areas, any woman caught in a Niqab will have her the offensive face covering removed placed under house arrest, while the accompany Shia male be publicly flogged his flagrant disrespect of his woman, as we all know in Saudi Arabia it is forbidden for a woman to walk out of her house without a male relative escorting her and that in Islam women are respected and are given equal rights under Sharia.

Iranian holy leader has accused the Saudi Grand Mufti as a racist bigot.


“It’s gross, it’s racist. The Saudi Grand Mufti is clearly collaborating with the Jews when they approved Hoodies as a halal substitute for the Hijab.
YaHoodie? Come on, that’s obviously a homophone of Yahudi, Arabic for Jew.” – Ayatollah Royabot Farawai

Female Shi’ite practitioners living in the great nation of Saudi Arabia have also added their voices in protest with the Ayatollah.

“The idea that Shi’ite women like me are forced to wear the Niqab is just “Shiitephobic” propaganda by the Saudi clerics who are clearly Anti-Shia.”

“The Niqab is a choice for a women like me and women who do not wear the Niqab just need to be persuaded into wearing the Niqab, this is afterall what laws are for, to ensure that people are on their best behaviour, afterall a woman without a niqab is like an uncovered piece of cake, it will attract insects, would you eat insect covered cake?” –  Maryam Nautanazi spokeswoman for Shi’ite Womens’ Rights.

Iranian Religious Council of Shiites has also launched a campaign to promote Niqab acceptance, every 2nd February is now “Wear a Niqab Day” and is hoping this movement will be adopted by non Muslims who don’t know any better and will don the classic black garb that women in Iran are mandated to wear under the banner of “Freedom of Expression”.

“We are really banking on the naivety of the Social Justice crowd around the world, especially in Europe, by donning this iconic symbol of Shi’ite women, we hope that more female Shi’ite adherents will see the Niqab as their moral obligation to uphold Shi’ite Islam values, it’s not easy to know if a man is a Sunni or a Shi’ite Muslim but when it comes to the women, you’ll know which one is more dedicated to Islam. We Shi’ite are the minority in the Muslim community, so you know we’re always right, please support us.” – Fidel Al Murtad, President of Iranian Religious Council of Shi’ite.

From all of us at MuftiNews, Happy World Hijab Day.

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