DuriansPeace was shattered over the weekend at Jurong Mall in the small country of Singapore when Singaporean Muslims found out of the injustice being served as local fruit store Fig Fox held an all you can eat Durian Event during the holy month of Ramadan.

Disgruntled Muslims from Singapore took to facebook taking umbrage to the event feeling like the company had purposely organised this event to test their faith and tempting them away from the sunnah. While Fig Fox already stated that there was an evening all you can buffet from 6pm to 8pm, they were still relentlessly hounded by hordes of unmuslim like demands to have the buffet from 7pm to 9pm.



The Grand Mufti Al Tair Ibn La Ahad from the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith upon hearing of the disturbance in the Ummah, called for an emergency meeting with the Muftis to discuss this shameful act carried out by Muslims in Singapore, where he said, “All of this bickering over a stupid fruit? I worry for the deen of these Malay Muslims where they squabble over not being able to eat a fruit during the holy month of Ramadan when they’re supposed to overcome temptation, Yallah they’re making the Ummah look bad! I heard it’s not even a good fruit and it stinks to high Jannah. My fellow Muftis, I think it is time we passed a fatwa declaring the durian to be haram for Muslims as are alcohol and pork. All in favour put your hand to your face.” 


Council of Muftis unanimously decide to pass the fatwa declaring the Durian as Haram

Religious Council of Islam Singapore (MUIS) has acknowledged that they’ve received the fatwa and informed Mufti News that they will be spreading the information across the small Island Nation. Along with JAKIM, the Malaysian counterpart, will be ensuring that no Muslims from 20th of June 2016 onwards will consume the haram fruit known as the durian.

“We expect the motion to make the durian haram, to go on smoothly in Singapore as Singaporeans are used to having things they like banned by the government, like chewing gum”, Mel Ayub Oleh, a MUIS representative informs us.

This is not the first time that Muslims from the South East Asian region has caught the ire of the Mufti Council, early this year they were informed to forsake their belief in South East Asian superstition as these are pagan beliefs, put witch doctors on trial as sorcery is not allowed in Islam and failing to recognize the wisdom of Allah (SJW) in choosing to make the cross in the shape of a lowercase T for takbir.

Family of Non Muslims enjoying their durians

Family of Non Muslims enjoying their durians.


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