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Grand Mufti Al Tair Ibn La Ahad of the Islamic School of the Leap of Faith

After having discussions with the other Muftis of the Grand Mufti Council, the Grand Mufti of the Islamic School of the Leap of Faith, Mufti Al Tair Ibn La Ahad, has issued a fatwa on Pokémon GO–the verdict: Absolutely Halaal.

“This verdict might come as a surprise to many, but there are many good reasons for it. Pokémon GO isn’t just any video game. Unlike other games that harm our youth, this one encourages our youth to go outside and socialize. Unlike the other games that make our future lazy and anti-social, this game makes our future active and social. Not only that but it even encourages kids to go to the mosques. Now one might say that intentions matter, that going to the mosques with an ulterior motive is bad. But let me ask you this? Is not going to the mosque at all better? NO! Going to the mosque, even if it’s with other intentions, creates a habit. And soon, love for the mosque and the right intentions will enter their hearts”, the Grand Mufti told reporters in the latest press conference.

When asked by this reporter whether there was another reason for this verdict, the Mufti said. “I am glad you asked this. Yes, there is. Most people don’t know the reality.. the hidden reality of Pokémon GO, even though the clues are right in front of their eyes. The clues: Pokémon are there all around us yet they cannot be seen with the naked eye. They can only be seen using our phones which can also detect other unseen things like radiowaves. Also, there has been proof that animals can see Pokémon as they have heightened senses.”



“Now do you know what the hidden truth of Pokémon is?”, asked the Mufti. While the reporters looked on with puzzled expressions, he continued, “Pokémon are Jinns! Isn’t it obvious already? Pokémon GO players are doing all of us a favour by capturing these Jinns, saving us from Jinn attacks and whatnot. Now you know why those who work for the Shaitan, the Saudis, issued fatwas against Pokémon GO. So people, it’s not just halaal, but it’s also a good deed that’s worth doing! Everyone, play Pokémon GO! Gotta catch ’em all, inshallah!”


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