fb_imageGrand Mufti Al Tair ibn La Ahad held a press conference over the weekend at the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith after hearing news of the Nice Terror attack in which he sends his most sincerest of condolences condemning the senseless violence and loss of lives, he also reminds everyone to be prepared for the wave of Islamophobic comments over the internet as Islamophobes attempt to blame Islam on the actions of Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel who drove a truck into the crowd at the Bastille day celebrations. In his comments he mentioned that Bouhlel was described as an odd, aggressive and weird loner, as mentioned by The New York Times, these are traits that are typical to people who are Gamers, who are highly violent and misogynistic, his actions had nothing to do with Islam, before passing the floor to guest speaker Ms Anita Sarkeesian world renown pop culture critic and host of Feminist Frequency.

Ms Anita Sarkeesian informed the audience that she had been warning the world of the dangers of video gaming culture where violence and misogyny is normalized, that gamers are powerless to resist acting out on their virtual fantasy of violence and misogyny and that every gamer in the world is a ticking time bomb in danger of losing their cognitive ability to discern between reality and make belief. She further stipulated that the game which inspired Bouhlel was known as “Euro Truck Simulator 2” a game where the player is given full control of a 5 ton truck driving it from point A to B and deliver various goods while being forced to obey traffic laws. In her expert opinion the mechanic of enforcing real life boundaries in a video game triggered an explosion of pent up violence and misogyny which had caused him to rent a Truck similar to the one in the game to run over real female pedestrians. Video games cultivate an addiction to violence and misogyny in individuals that if the games they play ever try to enforce any sense of reality, gamers become prone to acting out as they confuse the boundaries of reality.

Ms Anita Sarkeesian found out first hand of the dangers of gamer violence when she became the spokesperson for the Anti GamerGate movement in 2015.


Islamist Supporter and Anti Atheist Spokesperson, CJ Werleman’s brilliant observation

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