As pride month finally comes to and end we Muslims can finally enjoy our month of Eid in a peaceful shade of green without being showered with rainbows everywhere.

As we know, part taking in these pride activities are absolute haram which goes against the doctrines of Islam and we sincerely hope that those of you who consider yourselves real Muslims did not partake in any of the activities that questions the Islamic Principles but just because pride month is over, it doesn’t mean that we are now free from the “Liberalist’s” Zionist propaganda of acceptance and tolerance.

1) Facebook

As we all know the founder and owner of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, is of Jewish descent. He had claimed to be an atheist most of his life but as of recently he came out stating that he found religion again, we don’t know exactly what religion he subscribes to now but we can certainly make an educated guess from how he’s allowed for the rainbow filters and emojis to be used all over his website.

A real Muslim would never overlay their profile pictures with a rainbow filter or ever dream of casually ironically use the rainbow emoji. A real Muslim would delete their Facebook accounts to show solidarity with other real Muslims by not using this zionist platform that openly promotes such a lifestyle.

2) Instagram & Whatsapp

These platforms are owned by Facebook, as such we don’t have to show you the kind of debauchery that goes on in this photo sharing and instant messaging platforms.
They get quite graphic. If you already have accounts on these platform, please delete them and join the boycott as this will send a strong message to Mr. Mark Zuckerberg that you are not in favour of these kinds of activities.

3) Computers

Everyone in the 21st century owns one, right? Wrong! A real Muslim does not own a computer because a real Muslim knows the dark truth about computers and computer science.
The personal computer that you know and love was perfected by man named Alan Turing, who was a gay!
A real Muslim would not casually appropriate devices from such deviants.
Exception to the rule: Muftis, Islamic Scholars and Youtubers who use the internet for Dawah/Proselytizing.

4) The Liberal Mosque in Germany

A Mosque opened by a woman of the name Seyran Ateş in Berlin Germany stating that Muslims of any sect, gender and sexual orientation are free to pray side by side together.
A real devout Muslim would be asking themselves, “If this was the case, then what’s the point of being a Muslim if we’re just going to ignore the doctrines of Islam and just pick and choose?”

That’s right, what is the point of calling yourself a real Muslim if you can just cherry pick, why not call yourself a Zionist Liberalist if this was the case? And it is for this reason other ism should not be a prevailing ideology over Islam the only kind of ism that there should be is, Islamism.

After all, if Islam becomes accepting of just anyone, how are we Muslims going to gain sympathy and support from the Left, Liberals and Antifa who defended our right to not accept gays in Islam?

5) The Rainbow

If you haven’t been living in a cave like Jihadi trying evade western prosecution, you would know that the Gays have appropriated the rainbow as a symbol of their pride.
A real Muslim turns away whenever they see a rainbow since it has now been tainted and is a tool to infiltrate your mind with its subliminal message of the gays.
Everything that is rainbow is haram for a real Muslim, the ones you see in the sky, paddle pop ice cream and even those little rainbow shaped charms in Lucky Charms.
A real Muslim wears white as it is the antithesis of a rainbow.

Just in…

A special thank you is in order for Antifa Toronto for blocking the march of Gay “Muslims”, honestly we are so tired of these “so-called Muslims”, can’t they just choose another religion and stop with their Islamophobia? Soon these Liberalists will be telling Muslims to be accepting of Ex-Muslims too!

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