An avid MuftiNews reader/fan? had recently stumbled upon a recent MuftiNews article and shared a comment about how ludicrous the science experiment being conducted and its results were.

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It read :

“is this some sort of a joke ? or what exactly is this ? can the author of this article give an explanation as to why was such a bizzare and misleading experiment made in the first place ? are you even muslim for thinking that Allah the almighty needs this silly trajectory to answer prayers? isnt he supposed to be the all hearing and all knowing ? youve got to be kidding me this website is called mufti news lol who writes this non sense ? i was redirected here from FB and this is one of the worst clickbait crap ive seen ! i feel i have wasted my 5 odd minutes on this crap ! that doesnt even make sense.. And look at you, you write, those duas were directed to false idols lol and where exactly are those idols ? inside your house ? damn that graphic representation of the dua heading to jupiter is ridiculous and sick ! oh so Younus Alaihissalaam was in the stomach of the fish when he made the dua so why didnt it bounce back off the fish’s teeth or something ohh lemme guess, the fish directed its mouth to the kaabah DAMN ! why am i even writing this ! Am off this stupidity !”

As can be seen, the brother even offers some insights into what went down inside the whale’s throat for Prophet Yunos Alaihissalaam that fateful night when he got swallowed by the whale.

We have to say that we Muftis at Mufti News too share his sentiments. We too are at a loss as to how to deal with the new research findings pertaining to du’as and their efficacy rates but research is research.

Unless another counter experiment is done to counter the research findings, truth dictates that what was found out to be true must remain true.

“Perhaps the brother got offended cos he was in the 1% whose dua’s were always fulfilled? I don’t know. Just maybe. He should still spare a thought for the other 99% of dua’s that veer off the face of the earth and land in Jupiter, as the research findings suggest. ” said brother Mufti Maajid.

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