In September 2015 Goldsmiths LGBTQ and FeministSOC joined forces with the brave Muslim men of the Islamist Society in preventing Maryam Namazie from spreading her Islamophobic Narrative on the Goldsmiths campus, she is also known best for stripping down to the nude the moment she is disgruntled at something, very unislamic indeed where a woman’s aurat is top priority and needs to be covered.


However the overwhelming response from Islamophobic Atheists on twitter has forced the Goldsmiths Student Union to overturn their original decision to deplatform her under the guise of “Free Speech” where she has now spread her hateful rhetoric to the students of Goldsmiths on the 30th of November last year but not without opposition from the brave Mujahideens of the ISOC.


News of the battle had by the brave Social Justice Warriors of Goldsmith in Alliance with their ISOC brothers did not go unnoticed by the Grand Mufti Al Tair ibn La Ahad of the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith, who has praised their actions in heckling of the apostate Namazie.


“These are some of the bravest people I have heard of, women and gays who are defending our right to Islamic governance and I would personally like to invite all the gay men who stood bravely against this Islamophobic apostate with a one way trip to Saudi Arabia’s tallest hotel Abraj Al-Bait Tower and to all the women a special visit to King Saud’s personal chamber.”


Russell Feathers of the Goldsmiths LGBTQSOC has declined the gracious offer by the Grand Mufti stating family business and that the weather does not agree with him or his friends.
Sophie Swallows of the Goldsmiths FEMSOC however has stated she and 5 others will be accepting the offer stating that they are excited to meet with the King and to learn about his culture.

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