Grand Mufti announcing the fatwa

In a recent ruling by the Grand Mufti Altair Ibn La Ahad, it was decided that Islam is not a religion like the other worldly religions.

In the ruling that was released at the International Islamic School of the Leap of Faith, it was said that, due to the nature of its truths, Islam, unlike all the other religions like Christianity and Hinduism and Judaism, is to be considered the Truth, with a capital ‘T’, from now on.

Grand Mufti Altair Ibn La Ahad said,

“Verily, Islam transcends all time, and worlds and trumps all other religions to deserve the title, The Ultimate Truth. In fact, it has always been the Truth, only that, it was us silly humans who did not have the wisdom to appreciate such a statement.”

The other Muftis at the International Council of Muftis have welcome such a ruling.

“It further confirms what we have known all along. Now the rest of the world needs to know. “

When asked what made Islam the truth, Grand Mufti Altair Ibn La Ahad said,

“It’s very easy, if something is the truth, that is, the ultimate truth, unlike the other religions, you do not need any evidence for it, it’s evidently true just by itself. If you know something to be the truth, do you go and question it?  Can the other religions claim such a thing? I don’t think so. They wouldn’t dare. Considering all the contradictions inherent in their scriptures.”

MuftiNews also understands that the council is considering renaming the religion to The Truth and its followers as 100% Truthees from now on as it will have a greater impact on anyone who hears it.

When asked what religion a Muslim follows, they should now answer with

“I am a follower of the Truth, with a capital ‘T’. I am a Truthee.”

“It will definitely cause someone to ask more about the truth. That’s good for the kafir infidel you see, to pique their curiosity like that.”, he continues.

The council also hopes to be able to release 99 other similar names to the Truth that can be used in replacement of just “The Truth”. Some already being confirmed are as seen below.

The Ultimate Truth

The Highest Truth

The Truest Truth

The Final Truth

The Believable Truth

The Unshakable Truth

The Undeniable Truth

The Beautiful Truth

The Scientific Truth

The Miraculous Truth


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