Where other superpowers are happily and callously dropping bombs on the world’s latest arms playground, the Islamic Brotherhood International has set a new precedent.

The war-torn city of Aleppo yesterday saw their skies littered with parachutes of cases full of Qurans totalling 58 000, as the international ummah network launched the first stage of Ops #LetItRain.

Syed Zakaria, spokesperson at the Islamic Brotherhood International said “Our Muslim brothers and sisters need us now more than ever. Surely, we are not going to just leave them to the wolves. It has taken us approximately three months to raise the funds necessary but today, we’re proud to say that our efforts have finally paid off. Stage One of Ops #LetItRain has successfully been conducted.” 

The funds were understood to have been raised through a series of online Quran sales. The model was simple : “Sell more Qurans to the rest of the world. Buy more Qurans with the proceeds and then donate them to the Aleppo residents in need.”

“As opposed to food, a Quran on the other hand, lasts forever. They(the Syrians) need Allah’s guidance and blessings and I am glad that we are in a position to help. The smile on their faces truly makes all this worthwhile. By god, the Quran is the answer Masha’allah.” added Zakaria, gleefully.

“What’s more, this really shows that the Islamic Ummah can come together to provide aid for our fellow brothers and sisters in need of help. It is testament to our unity and strength as one big ummah. We are now more than ready to handle the next catastrophe in the Middle East.”

A brother in Syria is happy

A brother in Syria is happy

Aleppo residents expressed much appreciation at the generous gift. A mother who refused to be named said “The sight of something other than bombs being dropped from the sky most certainly lit our hearts up. We sincerely would like to thank IBI for this. Alhamdulillah, Allah SWT has our backs indeed.”

A brother expresses gratitude at the airdropped Qurans

Another brother expresses gratitude for the airdropped Qurans

The second and final batch of Qurans, totalling 20 480 are expected late next month.

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