Most organisations and enterprises would naturally eschew owning up to mistakes and wrongdoings. It makes sense as such moves cost any organisation in the wrong large sums of penalties and fines or worse still, its reputation.

However, a liberal study conducted by liberal group, Liberati Working Towards Safe Spaces, conducted a worldwide poll of some of the world’s most responsible organisations of 2016 and the results were surprising. Of the 911 organisations polled, the Islamic State or more commonly known at times as ISIS came out tops.

Some factors that were taken into consideration were whether the organisation would step up and claim responsibility for its wrongdoings, or attempt to deflect the blame to another organisation.

Josh Joban, founding member of Liberati, had this to say, “The Islamic State came up tops in this area befittingly, having claimed responsibility for pretty much every single terrorist attack that has taken place in 2016.”

“The only thing they have denied so far was a botched vehicle hijack attempt by what seems to be an amateur wanna-be, who claimed to be a member of ISIS when he clearly couldn’t make the cut. “ he added.

“While the nature of their actions are illegitimate, they have no qualms with admitting their wrongdoings. Not many organisations have the balls to do something like that and own up. In a world so used to shifting and deflecting blame, we urgently need more accountability. ” said Joban.

Angry Muslim Arabs

ISIS members cheering about their employee termination benefits

The study also took into consideration how responsible the organisations were with regards to looking after their employees’ termination benefits after they were no longer with the organisation. In this area, ISIS came out tops yet again. The rewards being promised for that of ex-ISIS employees far outdid those of the rest, with care extending even to the afterlife.

This is the second top ranking position that the Islamic State has won. Just recently, another liberal study by the Southern Poverty Law Center found ISIS to be the most ethnically diverse organisation in the world.

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