Mufti News is tracking incidents of Islamomicrophobia all across the United States. Because the only way to combat hate is to obsessively document everything that non-Muslims do to Muslims. Because people just love that. Really, they do.

Islamophobia is real. If you don’t believe us, ask the Huffington Post. Sadly, in the United States, there have always been bigots, racists, and xenophobes that fear people that are different than them. People whose insecurities about their own lives manifest themselves as hatred towards innocent individuals whom they see as representing larger cultural groups that they blame for their own anxieties. And those bigots, racists, and xenophobes have a new favorite target: Muslims, and Islam. And Allah. And His Messenger.

But this column is not about Islamophobia, but Islamomicrophobia, which is also real.  The reality is, the our Muslim ummah‘s collective hypersensitivity to even the slightest incident of rudeness; coupled with its reactionary defensiveness to any and every criticism of the 1400 year old ossified political and religious framework known as Islam; and it’s relative indifference to serious human rights violations committed in the name of Islam in Muslim countries; are all reaching record levels. These three factors combine to make Islamomicrophobia a force to be reckoned with in the 21st century.

And it needs to be stopped.

It is probably impossible to document every single incident of Islamomicrophobia here. While we would like nothing more than to make a comprehensive list of everything that any non-Muslim has ever done to a Muslim so that we can celebrate our status as victims instead of taking responsibility for where we are, our more humble aim is to provide you with a small sampling of incidents that have taken place across the U.S. If you know of any incidents that meet our criteria, please email us via our contact page.

Enough is enough. Islamomicrophobia stops now.


The organizers of this pizza party displayed passive aggressive behavior toward their Muslim employees by openly eating pepperoni, which is prohibited by Allah subhana wa ta aala.


Who: The staff at Accurate Office Supply, LLC

What: A staff luncheon

Where: Lackawanna, PA

Several Muslim employees attended an office party with their co-workers at Accurate Office Supply, LLC. Pepperoni pizza was served, and while plain and vegetarian options were also served, nobody was able to verify for him whether they were cut with a different pizza cutter as the pepperoni pizza, or if it was washed between cuttings. The company’s Muslim employees were left completely in the dark, and were not able to fully participate in the luncheon.


These Muslim parents had their rights trampled on when they were shamed into not disowning their daughter who wanted to marry a non-Muslim


Who: Adil and Rufaida Maleek

What: The wedding of their daughter

Where: Los Angeles, CA

Adil and Rufaida Maleek are devout Muslim parents who had arranged a marriage for their daughter, when they found out she had been seeing a non-Muslim boy from her college. They were in the process of disowning her. But several media outlets picked up the story and started a GoFundMe, and now their daughter has been empowered to break away from her parents and move into her own apartment. Adil and Rufaida Maleek came to America hoping to freely raise their daughter as a Muslim. Now their dreams are shattered.


Dr. Heidelbergerman doesn’t seem to understand that it’s an act of aggression towards Muslims to suggest that Islam could be responsible for anything bad.


Who: Dr. Marvin Heidelmanberg

What: An anti-Muslim article

Where: The University of Florida

Dr. Marvin Heidelmanberg is a political science professor and sometime commentator. He wrote an op-ed about the declining state of affairs in the Muslim world without once mentioning the roles that Western foreign policy, tribal customs, and new atheists have played in each of their situations. He seemed to imply that Islam itself may somehow, in some strange way, be partly to blame for some undesirable situations. All 6.7 million Muslims living in the United States were immediately offended by this.


People who suggest that Social Media has given moderate Muslims a voice are wrong. Allah (subhana wa ta aala) gave them a voice. And Allah (subhana wa ta aala) gave them social media.

Media Bias: 

Who: The Media

What: They didn’t properly cover something good that Muslims did

Where: The internet

In response to the Orlando nightclub shootings, several moderate Muslims came up with a very cute and creative Twitter hashtag that allowed them to condemn the shootings in a high profile manner without saying anything about the deeply rooted anti-gay attitudes, positions, and policies that are held up as divine in orthodox Islam. While many people in the progressive press did give this campaign its proper due, the mainstream press did not congratulate these moderate Muslims nearly enough.


This young man was a victim of anti-Muslim sentiment, so he reacted like this, but this is not representative of Islam.


Who: The Facebook Community

What: Aggressive comments

Where: The Facebook Community

Mohammad Waseem Akram is a devout Muslim who is trying to protect his aqeedah. Over the summer, he was subjected to several comment threads on Facebook that discussed Islam in a historical and rational manner, in which several questions and observations were presented that he could not answer, and which created, for the first time, some doubts in his mind that perhaps Islam is not literally true. Facebook refused to ban the originator of the thread or remove the post, despite several reports to Facebook administrators about the offensive content. At one point, someone even made a disparaging remark about Prophet Muhammad (saws). (note: readers who have experienced this kind of aggression may benefit from reading this article from earlier this year).


Isra Nawaz left Islam and for some reason feels the need to keep talking about it, instead of just disappearing. It is very offensive.


Who: Isra Nawaz

What: Anti-Muslim Hatred

Where: North Carolina

Isra Nawaz is a self-described “former Muslim” who claims she was abused by her “Muslim” family. Though there is no proof at all of her claim that she, or her family, were ever true Muslims, let’s assume that she is telling the truth. Why then, not just leave Islam and Muslims alone and go seek her happiness wherever she wants? The Qur’an states “There is no compulsion in religion,” and there is no law that states she has to stay Muslim, in America anyway. So what’s her problem? Why you gotta be writin’ about Islam all the time, ex-sister? You’re free now. Go.


In the United States, it is prohibited to discriminate against any applicant for a job on the basis of religion. Period.

Job Discrimination:

Who: “Boobs Boobs Boobs” exotic dance club

What: Job Discrimination

Where: Orlando, FL

A young Muslim college student applied for a position as a stripper at “Boobs Boobs Boobs,” thinking that, since this was America, employment should be open to all, regardless of her religion. Her only request was that she be allowed to follow her religion by performing in full hijab and without showing any part of her body except her face, and that she not be required to mix with men so that she could maintain her modesty. She was not hired. Her legal case is currently pending.


This professor offended millions of Muslims when he did not place certain events in the Prophet (subhana wa ta aala)'s life in proper context

This professor offended millions of Muslims when he did not place certain events in the Prophet (subhana wa ta aala)’s life in proper context

Who: Dr. Fred McEvoy, classical historian

What: Anti-Muslim rhetoric

Where: The University of Dallas

“Dr.” Fred McEvoy is a “historian” who “studies” the historical conditions of Arabia during the time of the founding of Islam. During a lecture in which he discussed the life of the Prophet Muhammad (saws) he mentioned the incident in which the Qurayza Jewish tribe was killed without providing the proper context about their betrayal to the cause of Allah (swt) so that the audience would realize that they deserved their fate and it was the only choice that the Prophet could possibly opt for. The fact that he would bring this incident up at all is questionable, but the fact that he would do so without providing the proper apologetics both before and after, and treat it as simply a casual historical event, was deeply offensive. He is currently under investigation by the University Board of Trustees.

Just look at it.

Just look at it.


Who: Haywood J. Haywood, restaurant franchisee

What: Cubby’s Restaurant

Where: Hackensack, NJ

Haywood J. Garfield is the owner of 47 locations of Cubby’s Restaurant. The Hackensack, NJ location has this sign on its property. It is deeply offensive to Muslim, as well as to pigs, and to anyone who has even a small amount of good taste and decency. This is the most Islamophobic restaurant ever.

Businessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, in New York. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)

Businessman and Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks during a press conference at Trump Tower on Tuesday, Nov. 3, 2015, in New York. (Photo by Greg Allen/Invision/AP)


Who: 61 million American citizens

What: Voted for Donald Trump

Where: Mostly in the stupid states, but in some of the smart ones too

In the most blatant act of Islamophobia in recorded history, over 61 million American citizens voted for Donald J. Trump for the office of President of the United States. This act has offended millions of Muslims around the world who are very worried that he will kill them soon.




Who: A random person on the street

What: Whispered hateful remarks in the ear of a hijabi woman

Where: New York, NY

A woman reported that she was standing on a streetcorner waiting for the light to change when a man walked briskly up next to her, and stopped. Without looking directly at her, he said in a loud whisper: “You know Islam is not real, right? You realize it’s all a bunch of fairy tales that are making people crazy? 11 wives?  Come on. Wake up, have some courage!” And then he walked away. The woman was deeply offended, and has reported the incident to police. An investigation is still pending.

Thanks for doing your part to help us combat Islamomicrophobia. Thus far this year, thanks to tips from our readers, we have documented 289 incidents of micro-aggression against Muslims.

Islamomicrophobia can no longer hide, because we are tracking it.

Islamomicrophobia can no longer hide, because we are tracking it.

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