Br. Salman suggests that it is a brother from this section- perhaps a few brothers- that broke wu'du. Allah knows best.

Most are saying that it was a brother from this area of the masjid- perhaps a few brothers- that broke wu’du. Allah knows best.

Local Imam Majid Abdul Majid clarified an important matter regarding the validity of one’s jum’ah prayer when one breaks his wu’du during sujood and has to complete it by himself afterward.

“If a person loses his wu’du during jum’ah namaz and has already made niyyah to perform his salah in the jum’ah, he is given the full barkat by Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) for the jum’ah,” declared Imam Majid.

“However,” he continued, “the person must complete four rakat in order to receive the full barkat. Completing two rakat is only for when the full salah is completed in the jum’ah.”

If you happen to break wu'du during jum'ah there is no need to panic! You still get the full barkat for the jum'ah.

If you happen to break wu’du during jum’ah there is no need to panic! You still get the full barkat for the jum’ah.

“It is also advisable to perform the four customary sunnah rakat. And, in cases when a person felt the odor from the act of losing his wu’du was particularly offensive and distracting, then that person should perform two extra sunnah. There are also a number of du’a that are appropriate for this situation. If anyone is interested, there is an excellent book in the library (of the masjid) that lists them along with the tafseer.”

Imam Majid went on to emphasize that this was the sunnah of the Prophet (saws) himself, who used to perform the exact same actions when he himself would break wu’du during jum’ah. However, when the act of breaking wu’du was done by the Prophet (saws) his followers would consider it an extra blessing if they could be within smelling distance of the act as it increased the barkat of their jum’ah by 7 times.

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