Unlike CNN, Mufti News does not dox minors, so we blurred her face.

Kuala Lumpur – Pictures of a 17 yr old Malaysian Muslim girl, Surah Anne Nisa, went viral after concerned Malaysian Muslims pointed out that the young girl was holding a pair of Hedgehogs, this caused an uproar with many Moderate Malaysian Muslims who derided her in an attempt to save her from being misguided and led astray from Islam. Their attempts were later noticed and picked up by The Malaysian Islamic Development Department, also known as JAKIM, chiding in and mentioning  that the young girl as being confused and led astray by the insidiousness of secularism. JAKIM also calls the actions of the young teenage girl an affront to Islam, as hogs are haram(forbidden) and urges that she repents for her transgressions against Islam.


“It is very worrying for me as a Muslim in Malaysia to see our Islamic way of life being trampled on by so called Secular Muslims who think that it is okay to handle hedge hogs, Allah told us from the teachings of our Blessed Prophet that dogs and pigs are big najis (impure) and we shouldn’t touch them, yet this young girl going around touching hedge hogs like nobody’s business, cannot like this!” – Senior Imam for JAKIM, Tuan Kat Ali


JAKIM further states that while there is a procedure to cleanse oneself after handling a hog, her action of owning and handling a hedge hog is like a Moderate Muslim who purposefully drinks alcohol and then repents for it through prayers afterwards. This is not Islam the whole point is to avoid sin in the first place, not commit a sin and then seek forgiveness. Furthermore the actions of this young girl are a danger to our society as she trying to start a new culture where Muslims can adopt hedge hogs, this is very Unislamic and leads to a slippery slope. First adopting a hog is okay then what next, Halal hog?

Sonic the Hedgehog, now known as Mr. Needle Mouse


The Malaysian government after viewing the actions of JAKIM and other Moderate Muslims alike has passed a law to ban the word Hedgehog, to avoid further confusion with the majority Malay Muslim population of Malaysia whom previously were confused as to whether or not hotdogs contained dog meat and therefore haram. Informing their citizens that the hedgehog is not an actual hog but a little shrew like animal and can be handled without needing to do a ritual cleansing of oneself. The bill that is set to pass later in August is expected to inconvenience the gaming giant SEGA who will now have to rebrand their Sonic the Hedgehog games as Mr. Needle Mouse countrywide or face a trading embargo.


President of the Harley Association of Malaysia (HAM), Gill Shante expressed his concerns to Mufti News reporter Mat Bro that they will no longer referring to their motorcycles as “Hogs” out of respect to fellow Muslim Members and will just refer to their motorcycle as Moto to avoid confusion and to be more inclusive towards Muslim members, hoping that it sends a message to other potential Muslim prospects that our Motorcycle Club is a safe space for them.
Example: “Hey bro! Your moto damn power sia

Harley Davidson Motorcycle, formally referred to as a Hog but now as Moto

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