In attempts to improve service standards, Malaysia’s first Halal carrier, Yarani Airlines has announced today that it will be launching Camel Express©, The Way Of The Sunnah©.


They have signed agreements with the King of Saudi Arabia to import a few hundred flocks of camels that have the capacity to transport thousands of travellers at a time to the different sand dunes in Malaysia. It is also understood that Camel Express©, The Way Of The Sunnah©  will be made the primary mode of transport for pilgrims to get to Mecca for Umrah or Haj.

It all began when one of the pilots, Captain Muhammad Yarani Airi, while sitting in the cockpit waiting for the engineers to troubleshoot an engine problem before takeoff came upon an epiphany (hidayah) that perhaps Allah was sending him a message that they should go back to the ways of the Prophet back in the 600s.

According to Captain Yarani,

“It was clear then to me that mankind has been misled into the fast paced and globalised influences of the west. I mean, the Prophet Muhammad SAW himself had clearly shown the way for the rest of mankind, for the rest of eternity how things should have been. We have transgressed by leaps and bounds and thus we see the problems we see today, engine failures and what not. If you were on a camel, such a thing will never happen. ”

“With travelling times that took days if not, weeks to reach the corners of the vast Middle East, there was plenty of time to think about all the wrongdoings one had done, and repent and submit even more. Now, if everyone was doing this, wouldn’t the world be a much simpler and safer place?  Verily, Islam is indeed the solution for all mankind. “

The caliph of Yarani Air, Muhammad Vari adds

Camel Express©, The Way Of The Sunnah© serves quite a few objectives:

For those who wish to get a glimpse into how the Prophet used to travel, we are the solution.

For those who do not wish to let the worldly conveniences tempt them away from the exemplary life of the prophet, we are the solution.

For those whose Yarani planes have broken down, this is a blessing in disguise. While they may take several additional days to arrive at their destination, they will be acquiring more AQ (aqidah)points aka pahala. They can then use this pahala on Judgment day to get themselves into their ultimate destination, heaven.

For those who wish to complain, verily, they are complaining against the word of Allah, they now have an opportunity to repent.

Muhammad Vari adds that there will be a huge discount for the first 100 pilgrims who sign up with Camel Express©, The Way Of The Sunnah©. Plus, to entice current Yarani Airlines passengers to give Camel Express©, The Way Of The Sunnah© a go, there will be a 50% cashback on all seats purchased.

Brichard Ranson, the owner of 72 Virgins Atlantic, who runs both international and domestic flights in the other region has been quoted as saying that it is unfair that Yarani Air is clearly segmenting the market by targeting the Muslims for their share of the flying pie. Ranson adds that he is now thinking of fully segmenting the market according to the different religions to cater to the different markets.


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