Islam is growing!

Islam is growing!

Everyone knows Islam is the fastest growing religion in the West, Masha’Allah. This is because Islam has the best logics, and because it is the only religion that has not been corrupted, and the only religion whose message has been preserved by the Holy Qur’an, which has been recorded exactly as it was originally spoken by the Angel Jibreel to the Rasulallah, Muhammad (saws).

For many years, Western scientists have quietly been admitting that the Holy Qur’an has revealed true sciences 1400 years ago that were not known at the time, that were only discovered in the 20th century. Unfortunately, there have been so many attempts to cover up these truths and distort the message of Islam by the enemies of Islam, so that the masses do not all turn to Islam and take away the power from the non-Muslims who are just doing everything for money and power; and so the impact of these scientist discoveries have been limited.

But now, Islam is getting the recognition it deserves by the grace of Allah (swt). It is growing so fast in the West that the American government has decided it MUST keep a track of all the people turning to Islam!

“We will keep a list of all the Muslims in America,” said Sean Spicer, White House press secretary.

It is truly amazing that in this age of Islamophobia, still Islam is growing so amazingly that the White House wants to give this recognition to the Muslims! We have not had an official word of the reasons for the undertaking yet, but most likely, this is because they want to measure exactly how fast Islam is growing, and if the growth they suspect is confirmed, then it will be undeniable proof for them that the Qur’an has been proven to be correct and true. When that happens, we expect that most Westerners will have no choice but to embrace Islam.

This is truly an amazing development and further proof that Allah is on the side of the Muslims! Masha’Allah!

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