There are lots of people these days worried over the state of education in the Muslim world these days. It’s not just the enemies of Islam, but also even some well-meaning Muslim brothers and sisters, who point to the statistics about Nobel prize winners as “evidence” of their claim. The statistic, for those who are not familiar, is this:

Muslims make up 20% of the world’s population, while Jews make up .025%. Yet there have been over 140 Jewish Nobel Prize winners, compared to just 6 from the Muslim world in that time.

Oh noes! There must be some conspiracy...

Oh noes! There must be some conspiracy…

Even when you take into account that the Nobel Prize itself was originally set up by Zionists as a way to honor other Zionists… this fact can be depressing. But how many of those Jewish Nobel prize winners… are Hafiz of Qur’an? Not a single one!

Muslims know that the most important knowledge in the world is not knowledge of Western “science,” of “literature,” or of “economics” (Riba); the most important knowledge is the knowledge of the book of Allah (subhana’wa’ta’aala)! And in that category, the Muslim world still leads the world… and by a wide margin!


Fortunately, this is exactly the attitude that prevails in the Muslim world and goes unchallenged!

Even with the recent increase in memorization of Qur’an among the non-Muslims, who memorize it incidentally in their quest to bring down Islam, the majority of Hafiz al Qur’an still hail from the Muslim world!

Quick, from 2010 to the present, the leading country of origin for those who have memorized Allah’s book? Would you be surprised if I told you the answer was… Pakistan? And right behind that? Egypt, followed by Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and Morocco in the top 5. Israel doesn’t even show up on the list until #9, right behind Yemen, and right in front of London! Amazing!

But even those remarkable statistics don’t tell the whole story. If you take all the huffaz and zoom in on the youngest group (those under the age of 18), every single young Hafiz and Hafiza is Muslim! And it is the children of the world that are the future of a people! Masha’Allah!



How can anyone be pessimistic about the Muslim world when they realize that there have never been as many Huffaz al Qur’an in the world as there are right now? And even more amazing is that it has never been easier to memorize the Qur’an yourself. Here are a few links to resources that can help you with this important goal, insha’Allah!


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