Colorado – 5 year old Muslim boy, Moohamad Zool Fiqhar has been bullied since the first day he stepped into school.  His bully, 7 year old stay-back kid, Goliath Mandelbaum is the sole reason why Moohamad’s life has been hell since Day 1. Daily taunting and pranks are just part and parcel of his daily school life.


Life hasn’t been all sunny for Moohamad

Moohamad says “Forgiving someone means letting go of the hatred in you. When you stop despising your bully, a lot of things happen to you, the most profound being that you feel a sense of freedom, of not having your life and actions be defined by an unnecessary kafir. “

Despite all the bullying he has to endure, Moohamad doesn’t let Goliath’s actions affect his days, or at least he tries not to. However some days, it really gets to him and he breaks down. And that’s when he is reminded of his mother’s story of the beloved prophet saw.

“The prophet himself taught us patience in treating our adversaries, especially if they are non-believers. You may not know this because it is not often told but 5-year old Prophet Muhammad was often a victim of bullying and pranks himself.”


Once, a kafir spat at little Prophet Muhammad , did he spit back? No.

 “Growing up, little Prophet Muhammad endured similar problems. Once, a kafir spat at the prophet, did he spit back? No. I am sure the thought may have crossed the prophet’s mind, but the prophet held back. We know this because there is no known records of the prophet ever spitting back. And also, it would have affected his chances of later going on to become the great prophet Muhammad we have come to know of today.“

“The reason is that the prophet knows that justice and needless to say, vengeance too, is best served by Allah swt himself. The prophet knows that his bullies will be served with the meanest baddest punishments ever in the hereafter. You know, when Allah is on your side, it’s much easier to have the last laugh. “

“Thus, I forgive. I forgive and I forget. It is good for me. But Allah never forgets and Allah is fair and Allah is the best giver of punishments. I know that none of my attempts of revenge or getting back at Goliath will suffice to do justice to what Allah will do to him in the afterlife, Mashallah. I was told by mama that if here on earth, I sink Goliath into a pit of lava, in the hereafter, Allah would put him instead, into ten pits of lava, all at the same time! ” He adds.

“It’s really best to forgive and leave it to Allah swt. “

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