werlemanCJ Werleman, renown moderate Atheist Author of the “Atheist Delusion”, shares with Mufti News insider secrets into the Religious Cult known to many as Atheism. It may be surprising to many but whilst Islam is ranking as the fastest growing religion in the world, Atheism is catching up with a near 2nd, says CJ. There was a time where I was a radical extremist Atheist who would often denigrate Muslims, part of this was due to Muslims being a minority and my insecurity of not really knowing if there was a god or not and maybe because secretly I wanted a Muslim to convince me that Allah did existed and there was something to look forward to in the afterlife. It is indeed part of the Atheist dogma to just go around and antagonize the religious and fill that void where “god” used to be or should be, whether you were born an Atheist or an Atheist convert.

Atheists are really no different from Theists, in the sense that we too have our “go to” defenses. Just as Muslims would defend Islam as a Religion of Peace, and it is by the way. Atheists would use something like “Atheism is a Religion like Black is a Colour” newsflash, Black is colour otherwise black people wouldn’t be “People of Colour” – CJ Werleman at TAM2015

As with many religions, there isn’t just a single monolith set of beliefs there are different schools of thoughts, all trying to achieve the same goal from different angles. With Atheism they come from the 4 Prophets named Dawkins, Harris, Dennet and Hitchens. These are the four prophets of Atheism, that many Atheists blindly follow as gospel or as Muslims would say, Sunnah. Now lets “Dei Sect”, sorry pun, dissect these schools of Atheist thought.



The Dawkins School
Founded by: Professor Richard Dawkins
An evolutionary biologist by trade, Professor Richard Dawkins advocates empiricism and evidence based reasoning to discover the truth, during his prime he toured around America and gave a good grilling to creationists who insisted that children be taught the earth was 6000 years old, dinosaurs and human existed side by side and the American centric view that the great flood was the cause of the grand canyon. Dr. Dawkins seems to take great joy in shattering the hopes and dreams of Christians around the world and for many, this isn’t a problem as Christianity is the biggest threat to the world currently but then he decided to lead his followers on a crusade against A feminist who was trapped in an elevator, exposing his misogyny for the world to see, even though all that happened to the feminist was some guy proposition her for coffee. That and the fact that his scriptures “The God Delusion” is blatant plagiarism of my book “The Atheist Delusion”. Followers of the Dawkins school of thought seem to be unable to think outside the box often confining themselves to the laws of the natural world.

The Harris School
Founded by: Sam Harris
Harris’ claim to fame was in his books “A Letter to a Christian Nation” and “Waking Up” despite the later, Sam Harris is still not as “woke” as he (and his ideologues) believe he is. For example once he had attained his fame, Bill Maher had invited him for a guest seat on Real Time, during which Harris immediately berates Islam but was quickly interrupted and had his arguments decimated by Ben Afleck, a person who is not knowledgeable in Islamic relations, who quickly pointed out Harris’  islamophobia and racism. In an attempt to recover from this disastrous incident which saw his name being dragged through the mud and affiliated with racists from the Alt Right, Harris sought the help of well known Zionist conspirator and Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz, thinking that having a token brown Muslim friend would protect him from criticism. Followers of the Harris school of thought are obsessed with blaming Muslims for every terror attack, they claim they’re only criticizing the religion of Islam but anyone can see they’re just looking for a chance to blame ALL Muslims. When hes not berating Muslims, he teaches the power of spirituality through his yoga podcast “The Waking Up Podcast”.

The Dennett School
Founded by: Daniel Dennett
Dennett’s claim to fame is that he looks remarkably alike to the former magician known as The Amazing Randi. There’s not much to say about the man, aside from him once tweeting being “sick of randos asking me for a million dollars for a magic trick” and that he’s really hellbent on proving that Free Will is a lie, a statement that is contrary to Christianity where it is said that God gave man free will. I think his whole shtick is being as anti Christian as possible, and that’s fine because Christianity is the majority religion and most Christians are white males. I’m not even sure if Dennett has a following to be honest.

The Hitchens School
Founded by: Christopher Hitchens
No Atheist to date has been as militantly and openly anti religion as Christopher Hitchens, who is best known appearing on TV with a glass of scotch whiskey in hand and cigarette in the other. This is a man who has been allowed to spread his dangerous ideology by being invited to many TV shows where he often expresses his disdain of religion calling it a totalitarian system that destroys individual freedom and holds fiery debates with religious leaders, even bringing a Rabbi to tears by making him realize that he had been violating the human rights of young Jewish boys by performing circumcision on them, one time. However his true claim to fame was in his journalistic investigation of Mother Theresa, where he called her a sadist who took pleasure in the suffering of the destitute in his acclaimed book “The Missionary Position” but it was his Atheist scripture “God Is Not Great” that many of his followers revere as the unquestionable teachings of their prophet Hitchens even to this day, years after his passing. This provocateur of the religious has surely left his mark in the world radicalizing hundreds of thousands of otherwise peaceful Atheists into becoming socially aware of the social ills caused by religious fanaticism and fundamentalism. Most of his followers tend to gather every Sunday in places of dwelling where they break open a bottle of Johnny Walker Black Label and give a toast in remembrance, thinking that drinking Blood of Chris will imbue them with his intelligence.

His firebrand methods on popularizing Atheism to the masses no doubt had its affects on me radicalizing myself into hateful and bigoted anti Muslim, I was fully dedicated to the Atheist Agenda thanks to Hitchens, as seen in my old tweets.





But these were from a different time, a time where I was heavily brainwashed into the Cult of Atheism and did the bidding of these false prophets. These days while I preach tolerance and coexistence for people of all different faiths, including Atheists unless they’re still brainwashed by New Atheism because we don’t need their intolerance. After reading this if anyone still wants to insist that Atheism is not a religion because it has no deities, well Buddhism has no deities either and it is a religion.

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