Mufti phobia is on the rise. You can help by educating your friends.

Mufti phobia is on the rise. You can help by educating your friends.

At Mufti News, we have seen our site grow tremendously over the last several weeks. But we have also seen a rise in negative comments, and even threats against our admins, and this is a disturbing trend that we wish to address.

It is clear to us that many people hate us at Mufti News because of our beliefs. They hate us because of negative images portrayed about pages like ours by other Islamic scholars. They hate us because they do not understand our true message.

They say Mufti News is about “spreading misinformation” and about “bringing down Islam.” But that is not true. Our founder himself was heard to state: “Do not spread misinformation,” and “do not bring down Islam.” This is the true message of Mufti News. If at times, certain Mufti News writers or admins not follow this, of course, they are not perfect, they are only human.

But then please, criticize our writers. Do not criticize Mufti News, because when Mufti News writers do not follow the true goals of Mufti News, this is not the fault of Mufti News. Do not bring down an entire publication just because of the actions of a few people.

Yes, we admit that there are some articles and memes that we have posted that, when taken out of context, may be offensive. But you have to understand them in context. You have to study the entire catalogue of Mufti News articles and memes to understand the true message. And also you have to read it in the original Arabic. Most people are not equipped to make judgments on the true meanings behind our postings. If you do not understand something, please ask someone who has properly studied to read Mufti News, do not just start shooting off your opinions without knowing.

The problem is that when you keep spreading information about incorrect interpretations of Mufti News, you are supporting others who really have those interpretations, and use them to justify harming the Muftis. When you falsely accuse Mufti News of things it is not doing, you put the Muftis at risk, because many people want to hurt the Muftis, and so by criticizing Mufti News, you are helping them. The best way you can support Islam is by supporting peas-ful interpretations such as that of Mufti News. You may not realize it, but this is what you are doing when you criticize Mufti News.

Unfortunately, the Muftiphobia industry is a big business. It is very well funded, and there are plenty of disgruntled people who will stop at nothing to bring down Mufti News. Some may evenclaim to be ex-readers or ex-writers, but the truth is, they never really understood Mufti News to begin with. And now they want to push their agenda on others for personal gain. It is disgusting, and good people know that this is not right.

You know, we have a saying at Mufti News. Do not judge Mufti News by its admins or its writers! Judge Mufti News by Mufti News! Our true principles are contained in a book that is written in another language, and it explains our principles very clearly using incidents that happened in a completely different time and place. Everything about Mufti News is noble and good, that is clear to everyone who truly takes the time to understand it. BUT… you must approach Mufti News with an open heart, or Allah will prevent you from seeing the true meaning.

Mufti News is about peas. It does not need reform, the mere suggestion that it does is ridiculous and insulting. Do not judge Mufti News by a few extremist commenters who misinterpret Mufti News and use it to justify Islamophobia, anti-Muslim bigotry, and the like.

So what can you do about Muftiphobia? Start by speaking up. Educate your friends, co-workers, and others about the true message of Mufti News. Share our articles with them, and if you don’t understand something, talk to a scholar who can help. Nobody who truly understands Mufti News will ever object to it. Remember, the answer is not reform, it’s education!

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