Muslim extremists have shocked the world by fasting 24 hours a day in Ramadan.

“How do you feel the pain of the suffering people if you only fast from sunrise to sunset and then fill your bellies after dark?”, Abu Bakri Al Bigdaddy, leader of a Muslim extremist group, reportedly said in a sermon.

Abu Bakri who has been fasting this whole month

Abu Bakri who has been fasting this whole month

Moderate Muslims around the world are now speaking out against this extremist act, with protests held all around the world. Thousands have come out to show that they have nothing to do with the extremists. The hashtag ‪#‎NotAllMuslims‬ is currently trending on social media.

Some critics of Islam have criticized the moderate Muslims for trying too hard to distance themselves from the extremists and their extreme fasting without addressing their theological roots. All ulema councils of the world have now issued fatwas against extreme fasting and addressed and defeated the arguments of the extremists on theological grounds, much to the surprise of the critics.

“I agree with the critics of Islam, who have been dismissed before as ‘Islamophobes’, that extremist fasting needs to be addressed honestly instead of merely dismissing it as something that has nothing to do with Islam and distancing oneself from the extremist fasters. Without being challenged by the ulema, with the ulema around the world teaching basically the same things the extremist fasters teach, the extremists remain strong, brainwashing more and more of our children. So thank you, critics, for pushing us towards reason. May Allah guide you to the true path. Ameen”, Mufti Al Tair Ibn La Ahad, Grand Mufti of the Islamic School of the Leap of Faith said in his latest press release.

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