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Translation as follows
“To encourage young students to go for Friday Prayers, the teachers made a public announcement in the school hall in the morning for all Muslim students to gather. The teachers also prepared Sarongs for those in shorts and walked with the students to the mosque. The Vice-Principal who is not a Muslim also knows about this gathering of students and did not stop the teachers. May School prosper in having such religious understanding such as this”

Following a public post by a Muslim teacher in the secular island state about her male counterparts herding Muslim boys in the school for Friday prayers, the education authorities have mentioned that they are looking into making Friday prayers at the mosque a CCA.

Additional details about the proposal being considered at the moment include making it compulsory unless a Muslim student opts out of the CCA. Those who want to opt out will have to pay an administrative fee of $2 to be taken off the CCA and are required to go for counselling sessions before they are allowed to make their decision.

Among some of the reasons being cited by spokesperson Abdul Fattah Fatihin from MOIS(Muslims of Ordinary Islam Singapore), the governing body for Muslims in the state, are that ensuring the students go for Friday prayers inculcates good values when they listen to the Friday sermons.

A pakcik, Mr Zainal Zanali whose son goes to the school was quoted as saying

“I know got a lot of Muslim students like to ponteng Friday prayers one. My son is not like that la but I always see the others lepak at the street soccer court. Bad influence. So this is a good measure. Plus, they will be graded if they are absent for their CCA. So now they will take Friday prayers seriously.”

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Mrs Zanali adds

“Also it’s good for those Muslim students who have never had the opportunity to go for Friday prayers. Maybe their parents don’t have the time to teach them or they never got the chance to go for Friday prayers. So poor thing, those students. This is definitely a good initiative. I applaud the teachers.”

The principal Francis Tan, was quoted as saying about the initiative

“I mean, if we can help them fulfil their religious duties, why not. I am all for it. Especially if this means we can value add to their school experience while inculcating good moral values and principles in them. It’s like killing two birds with one stone.”

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