Jan 2016, Malaysia –  In a highly expected move by some form of authority in Malaysia, the image of a pig-man in a modern remake of classic Chinese Mythology “Journey to the West”, has been conspicuously absent from movie billboards everywhere, despite being a central character in the protagonist’s entourage.

Ethnically-Chinese Atheist resident in Cheras, Mr. Lin Lao Peh, expressed frustration at the censorship of his favourite porcine character.

1.1 pig

The Original Poster. Image credit to Yap Jia Hee of Malaysiakini

“Walao eh… I know la this is about Monkey King but showing Wukong without his compatriots is a great crime.

“First they don’t even show Master Yi; now they even removed Zhu Bajie!

“That’s as bad as Chewbacca not receiving a medal for his co-piloting of the Millennium Falcon to destroy the Death Star in Episode IV!”

Ethnically Chinese but Muslim resident Mr. Abdel Ik’an Bin Bakar from Penang, though, had different thoughts about the issue:

“ALHAMDOLILLAH. It is a good thing that the authorities removed the pig man for pigs are unclean and therefore haram.

“I mean, the monkey man is already making me hungry. Who knows, I would have gone on a pig eating spree! Just looking at Pig Man can sap my AQ points steadily over time.”, Bakar complained.

“But no, I am not white, nor a bone nor a spirit.”, he thoughtfully added, after receiving a horrified look from the reporter.

The writer understands that AQ points refer to Aqidah Points. All Muslims are born with an AQ meter installed and it measures the Muslim’s AQ points automatically. Higher AQ points ensure the Muslim gets better positions in the afterlife, such as access to the higher levels of Jannah.

AQ points can be affected positively by things like liking and sharing Facebook posts denouncing Israel and Zionism, or affected negatively by looking at un-islamic things like crosses on buildings, churches, or coming into contact with Christians.

Over at Taman Bendan in Petaling Jaya, the community’s Muslims residents were generally receptive of the move and supported it wholeheartedly.

They made the news in April of last year as they were collectively offended over the rise of a cross symbol that hung over the front of a Church in Taman Bendan and protested to have the cross removed.

MuftiNews attempted to contact the regulatory authority, which we believe to be JAKIN, on the issue of the pork-less posters.

However at press time, they were not available for comment.

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