A recent hack by several Russians on the USA’s administration resulted in the exposing of thousands of documents, one of which confirmed suspicions that Muslims around the world have had all along.

The top secret leak revealed definitive proof that establishments were set up to demolish the good of Islam and thwart Muslims’ efforts through various means and one of them consists of paying off native Muslim informants.

It seems that the Freemasons who also by the way sponsor Clinton’s campaigns, and are suspected Illuminati executive council founding members have been paying notable ex-Muslims such as Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Maajid Nawaz to speak up against Islam and criticise it, something they have successfully accomplished in a short span of a few years.

The 2017 revised rates were found to be as such:

  • Disobey your mom when she tells you to pray USD100
  • Normalise hedonism by posting yourself drinking alcohol on social media USD300
  • Eat pork and post about it  USD400
  • Criticise Muslims on Facebook USD500
  • Criticise Islam anywhere USD800
  • Declare apostasy publicly on social media USD1200
  • Speak bad about the prophet USD1500
  • Pretend to be a  “progressive” Muslim USD1800
  • Set up a satirical site that spews “news” about Islam USD2100
  • Make a Muslim cry USD3000
  • Set up an Ex-Muslim Council in your own country USD3500
  • Draw Prophet Muhammad SAW USD4000

Many are rewarded with additional benefits such as being invited to open Illuminati sessions, guaranteed no more interrogation at immigration checkpoints, a house in California, a monthly expense allowance, platinum discount card at Flying Saucer outlets and nice cloths from top fashion lines depending on your monthly performance reviews. Non US-citizens may be offered citizenships pending a clearance from the FBI.

On top of that, top performers are invited to conduct false flag operations, an act that carries a six-digit figure reward.

It is also understood from the leak that close to 5000 Muslims so far have benefitted from this program and have successfully crossed over to the other side.

Last year, successful campaign #exMuslimBecause was one such initiative, started by native informants in UK.

ex muslim because

Notable Sellout at work

Rates seem to have been increased from previous years by a whopping 20%, suggesting increased efforts towards demolishing Islam once and for all.

News of this alarmed the Muftis at the Mufti Council. In response, the Head Mufti reminded all Muslims around the world not to be a sell out citing that while you may be offered riches in this world, nothing can match the riches that you will be offered in the hereafter.

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