1. Why do you think we’re Terrorist?


Just like not all Norse folk are Vikings, not all Muslims are Jihadists.
Only a tiny percentage of Norse folks were vikings who went out to pillage their European neighbours.
On top of that, Jihadists are not Muslims, as we all know “Terrorism Has No Religion” logically speaking, this makes Atheists terrorists as they have no religion either.

2. Why do you think we’re all Arabs?


There are far more South East Asians in the world who are Muslims compared to Arabs.
Just because South East Asians are trying their best to be Islamicized by mimicking Arab culture and changing their language.
Doesn’t mean they’re Arabs, they’re still South East Asian… Malay.

3. Why do you think Muslims are a race?


Okay, well we get it… it’s difficult to figure stuff outside of your own culture.
So we forgive you and we’ve invented this word.
Muslim + Islam + Ethnic = Muslamic
It’s all the same thing anyways.

4. Why do you eat Pork?


Allah(SWT) in his infinite wisdom has forbidden the consumption of pork and modern science has only just caught up to Islamic Science and agrees with Islam that pork is not healthy so why do you continue to eat pork, even if your science backs up Islamic science?
Allah (SWT) even said in the bible that pork is Haraam.

5. Why do you drink Alcohol?


It tastes horrible,  and the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH) has stated that the sin outweighs the benefit when it comes to intoxicants.
There are no health benefits to this and it also causes cancer.
Why do you continue to partake in something that is “absolut haraam“?

6. Why do you think humans came from Monkeys?


Despite Allah (SWT) stating many times in revelation he created Man and then Woman from Man’s rib.
Evolution is just a theory that isn’t backed up in Islamic Science.
If it’s not in the Quran it’s not true, see below.

7. Why don’t you believe Allah(SWT) is the only God and Mohammad(PBUH) is his messenger?


There is Historical evidence that supports the existence of our Prophet Mohamed (PBUH).
Mohamed (PBUH) said that he is the messenger of Allah (SWT).
Allah (SWT) said that the Quran is the final revelation.
In the Quran, Mohamed (PBUH) is mentioned as the Messenger.
And Mohamed (PBUH) said that he is the messenger of Allah (SWT).
Allah (SWT) said that the Quran is the final revelation.
In the Quran, Mohamed (PBUH) is mentioned as the Messenger.

8. Why do you not Segregate Men and Women?


Even during your prayer times, why do you have women praying in the Church with the men?
They should be in the back.
Do you think your son goes to Church because he loves God or because there’s a pretty girl?
You can’t say the same for Muslims and our Jummah prayers because only men go to these, this is a true sign of religious commitment.

9. Why do you Insist That We Have Physical Contact with unrelated Women?


To a Muslim, a Kufar is pretty gross, I mean you guys eat Pork and drink Alcohol, ew.
Then you insist on having us touch your kufar woman’s hand and shake it, that is like forcing us to be molested.
Kufar have a Molestation Culture.

10.  Are Your Women Not Cold?


The west is a cold place, how do they not freeze?
Please cover your women, it’s just cruel how you expose them to the elements compared to us keeping our women safe from sunburns.
And your women are barely wearing anything, exposing their aurat to whole world to see, HARAAM!

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