Allah is verily The Sustainer Of Everything, like literally-everything-that-you-can-think-of-kind of Sustainer Of Everything. The whole existence of the universe depends on him. There is so much on his plate yet there is not a day that the Provider Of All Things becomes The Complainer Of Anything. There is not a day that you can find Him complaining. Thus today, we give credit where credit is due so we explore 10 things you should be grateful to Allah for.

1. He created the air that you breathe

Without the air that you breathe, life as we know it would not have come to be. You would have everything else, but not air. Imagine now trying to breathe but without air. That’s right, you would be like that Matt Demon guy on Mars but without his helmet on.

2. He allowed you to breathe

It’s not only enough that He created the air that you breathe; if He didn’t allow you to breathe in spite of the presence of air, you’d be nowhere. Try pinching your noses and closing your mouths and holding your breath. How long did you last? 1 minute? Now is it clear why you’d better be thankful?

3. He pumps your heart

It is a well known fact that until today, scientists have been baffled at how the heart pumps by itself. Think about it. The heart pumps by itself. Without “anything” pumping it. The reason why medical fields have not been able to determine what pumps the heart is because they have been reluctant to acknowledge the many scientific truths found in the Holy Quran. It is really in fact, Allah that has been pumping it tirelessly all this while. Without him, you would have a non-pumping heart.

4. He brought you out of oblivion and into existence

Can you imagine not existing? Just not being around. Not being here for all the good times and the bad. Not being given a chance to read the Holy Quran nor experience the annual Ramadhan. Think about all the bajillion lives out there still in non-existence. You were brought out of that slumber and given a chance of serving Allah here today.

5. He created your eyes

Can you imagine if He had created humans without any eyes? We would be absolutely misguided. We won’t be walking our straight paths like literally this time! More so, we might have to depend on guide cats since guide dogs are haraam. And we all know cats only work when they feel like it.

6. He created water

Can you imagine a world without water? We humans won’t last for long. Our lifespans would be solely dictated by water and we would live only for 4 or 5 days, during which the whole span of the human experience we see today has to be compressed into. Adolescence, teens, marriage, hajj, birth and death has to happen all in the 4 or 5 days we are alive without water.

7. He invented the words we use today

Without Allah, there won’t be any words to use in our different languages. We would all be trying to open our mouths to talk to each other but failing and eventually having to resort to sign language, assuming Allah doesn’t take away our hands too. We would probably be stuck with reading the Quran in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

8. He enables wifi

That’s right. The wifi that you have now. Who do you think allows it? Satan? Scientists? Charles Darwin and his evolutionary minions? It is Allah, you silly Abdullah. Imagine if one day, Allah just took away all our WIFI connections. We would be walking around aimlessly without any meaning to life. So, thank Allah for Wifi.

9. There is Prophet Muhammad


If Allah had not created Prophet Muhammad, well he won’t have existed. And Islam as we know it today would not be around to guide us out of sinful lives. We would all still be waiting on the prophecy of the last prophet to come true.

10. There is Allah


Without Allah, there won’t be Allah to make everything else happen. He is the First and Only Cause. He is the Master of The Universe. So, count your lucky stars and thank Allah for Allah.

Can you not see now how everything nicely comes into place? Wifi, air, words, eyes water and so much more. Without just one of these factors, we would be done for. Now be grateful and go thank Allah.

Happy Eid one and all.

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